7 Tips To Take Care Of Feet During Monsoon

Monsoons, the chirp of the birds, the mist on the green grass and the ah so amazing rains after a dry and scorching summer season, it brings along with it so much of splendor, doesn’t it? Sure it does, but tagged along comes an array of issues in terms of health and the body. Where monsoons bring with it a lot of water borne and other related health woes, it also brings in problems with respect to your feet!

While walking in the dirty and clogged rain water flooded streets are one reason, others include just the fact that this weather brings with it lots of humidity and the lack of moisture content which makes the feet issue worse in terms of fungal and related infections. While we all know that it is the season when the feet become the breeding ground for germs and bacterium, it is high time that you know and use the tips to take care of your feet during the rainy season.

Some Of The Tips To Take Care Of Feet During Monsoons Are Discussed Below:

1. Cleaning

Clean feet are the way to go in the monsoon season and thus it is important to rinse and clean them well twice everyday so that you ensure that any kind of bacterial or fungal infection does not evolve out of anywhere! For best result soak your feet in luke warm water with a pinch of salt in it. This technique will remove dirt and provide relaxation to your feet.

Clean your feet well

2. Exfoliation

Daily feet exfoliation is something that is a necessity every day and you can do so easily by brushing a pumice stone on your feet or use a scrub pad to get the desired output. Exfoliation keeps your feet healthy and stops the buildup of dead cells.

Exfoliation is the key

3. Pedicure

Pedicure is not something that needs salon every month! At times when you are short of money, you can go ahead with home based pedicures which are required monthly to keep your feet clean and happy all through.

Importance of pedicure

4. Wear Clean And Dry Footwear

In monsoons it is important to wear clean and dry footwear and not the dirty and the damp ones to ensure that your feet do not become the breeding ground for harmful bacteria’s and germ growth! Make sure your footwear is devoid of mud and rain water at all times too.

dry footwear

5. Prefer Open Footwear

During the rainy seasons, it is always advisable to go for open styled footwear which will do away with the odor and the germ development in the feet which can take place if you opt for a closed footwear.

Wear clean and dry footwear

6. Moisturization

Light moisturizers in the rainy season are essential, once after your shower and another time just before you hit the bed! This is to ensure that you do not end up with cracked heels and that your feet are well nourished at all times, even when the weather outside is bad!

Moisturise your feet before sleeping

7. Use Talcum Powder

In case you just thought that talcum powders were to be only used during the hot summer days when the temperature is unbearable, you need to rethink! This is simply due to the fact that talcum powders with vibrant smell often come handy to women who use a sprinkle each day onto their footwear so that the sole of the feet would not get oily and wouldn’t smell too!

Use Talcum Powder