7 Trendiest Handbags Of The Season

A handbag is, hands down, an accessory essential for keeping your fashion game on point. Other than the obvious advantage of carrying important things, a handbag also defines an individual’s personal style statement. That is the reason why there has been a significant increase in the sale of handbags over the past few years. Women invest a huge amount of money to purchase a designer handbag. It has become a style statement and for all the right reasons. However, it is extremely important to stay updated with the latest trends. Especially, in today’s world, when new types of handbags keep surfacing on magazine covers and stores, every now and then.

In order to make things simpler for you, we bring to you the details about the trendiest handbags of the season. Carrying these envy-inducing bags can glam up even ordinary outfits and raise your style quotient. Next time you step out, carry one of these bags to standout from the crowd and look like a style diva. Be it the first day of college or an office party, these uber trendy bags will help you leave a stylish mark.

Mentioned Here Are The 7 Trendiest Handbags Of The Season:

1. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are all the rage these days. These super cool bags go well with a wide range of outfits, be it a designer dress or a casual t-shirt and jeans combination. Big enough to carry your essentials, this particular type of bag is available in various shapes, sizes and patterns. Fashionistas, super models, celebrities and online trend-setters are often spotted with this incredibly cool handbag.

2. Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are the very definition of casual and chic. These type of handbags can glam up any outfit. It has a very elegant feel about its structure. And contrary to common misconception, this type of bag does not only look good on bohemian inspired outfit, but also on anything that it is teamed with. These handbags are definitely worth investing in, especially if you wish to keep up with the trend.

3. Bowler Bag

Bowler handbags are popular for their distinct structure. Extremely spacious and super stylish, these handbags are, hands down, one of the trendiest bags of the season. Be it a office party or a yacht party, these type of handbags can glam up any outfit and make you appear as the trendiest woman in the room. Also, it can carry several things, so you don’t have to compromise on the comfort factor for keeping your fashion game on point.

4. Metallic Clutch Bag

The next trendy bag of the season is the metallic clutch bag. For any glamorous occasion, it has become a necessity to carry the ultra stylish metallic clutch bag. Firstly, it looks super elegant to have a metallic clutch, secondly, it compliments every single outfit it is styled with. Be it a red carpet event or just a cocktail party, a metallic clutch has become the go-to handbag for all such events. It looks sophisticated, glamorous and, most importantly, it is easy to carry around.

5. Tote Bag

Magazine covers, shopping malls or parties, tote bags can be easily spotted in all of the mentioned places. That is because this is one of the trendiest handbags of the season and it has been making waves in the fashion industry for the past many fashion weeks. Several style experts consider a tote bag as the most amazing accessory worth carrying. Plus, it is a versatile bag that goes well with all kinds of outfit combinations.

6. Satchel

The celebrities and top fashion models are often spotted carrying this particular type of bag at several occasion. The reason is simple, because it is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of this season. This is one accessory that can single-handedly take your style statement to a completely new level. Moreover, it can glam up even an ordinary outfit. So, this season, invest in a, equal parts classic and dapper satchel handbag to stay trendy.

7. Beach Bag

Beach bags are popular worldwide for their casual and chic appearance. But lately, it has become a trend to carry a beach bag to other places as well. A day out with best friends or going to work, carrying this uber cool bag has become a huge trend this season. It can carry a great deal of things and gives a very laid-back yet stylish look to the outfit. It comes in an array of designs and patterns, some look hippie while others look classic and sophisticated.