7 Trendy Layered Summer Outfit Ideas

Layering is something that you love doing during the winter months because it is convenient and you are not all sweaty and warm. But during the summers, it is something that most women tend to avoid. But the thing is that layering really works very well during the summer months too. Layered summer outfits are a hit for all kinds of occasions.

So Here Are 7 Cool Ideas For Trendy Layered Summer Outfits

1. Add Sheer Layers On Top Of Opaque

The concept is simple. You would be adding sheer or breathable layers on top of your regular tank top or even sports bra to create a chic and stylish look. For formal occasions, one of the best ideas that you can try out would be adding a lace shrug or poncho over a spaghetti top. This tends to work well in all kinds of layers be it a dress, a top or even something more beach-friendly. The see-through idea is a hit and plus you get the benefit of staying cool too.

2. Linen And Musling Scarves

A fine print linen or muslin scarf really works as a layer idea for the warm summer months. The idea is that the scarf actually gives you more or added protection from the heat. You can wrap it around the neck and use it for other purposes too like tying your hair or even as a band around the waist. Being natural, this form of clothing or layering is just right for the hot and humid summer months.

3. Loose And Drapey Tops

A loose and drapey top really works well for giving you a breather during this period but without the trouble of actually feeling warm. You can pick something that is structured and yet lose for creating this affect. Make sure that you are creating a contrast of colours in this reference or else you will simply not be get your layering high on the style factor.

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4. Summer Jackets

You can get these in all kinds of shapes, sizes and patterns. The summer jacket is ideal for women who love to wear something stylish during the warm months but without raising their body temperatures. A jacket can be something that is sleeveless or even with sleeves. You can dress it up or down depending on the fabric you chose. For instance, a white linen or beige jacket is ideal for formal occasions. A sleeveless one on the other hand would be just right for keeping things down and less formal.

5. Think Of Dungarees And Jumpsuits

A perfect way to give your outfit an additional layer would be with dungarees and jumpsuits. You can sport a t-shirt inside and then use the straps of the jumpsuit to give the look of an additional layer. Just use those old dungaree belts that your grandpa has.

6. Loose Cotton Or Linen Shirts

If you don’t want to use a jacket or want to invest in one, make use of a light coloured linen or cotton shirt. Instead of wearing the shirt your regular way, leave the buttons open and let your tank top show through.

7. Asymmetrical T-Shirts

Worn over tank tops again, these asymmetrical t-shirts provides the much needed layering for your outfit and yet gives you the feel of being cool. Pick a t-shirt that is loose and has a bit of sheer or some quirky print. You can also match or contrast two prints for creating a unique effect and get some chic layers.

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