7 Trendy Ways To Look Stylish In Sweatpants

Over the last few years, there has been a drastic change in the fashion industry. Clothing items that used to be considered casual and insignificant, have taken the center stage in the fashion world. Items like sweatpants used to be worn while working out at home or gym. But, lately, it has become a trend to don sweatpants, pretty much at all the places possible. Firstly, sweatpants are super comfortable. secondly, they can be styled with various clothing items. Just one pair of sweatpants can be worn at different occasions in several ways.

All the important people in the fashion world, be it the super models or celebrities or a social media star, everyone seems to be jumping on the sweatpants bandwagon. For making things super simple for you, we have organised a list of trendy ways in which you can look stylish in sweatpants. Next time when you are about to step put of the door, put together one of the following outfits with sweatpants to ensure that you look upbeat, trendy and fabulous at the same time. Putting together outfits using sweatpants is an affordable way of ensuring that your fashion game stays on point.

Here Are The 7 Trendy Ways To Look Stylish In Sweatpants:

1. Crop Top With Sweatpants

The classic combination of a crop top and sweatpants can never go out of style. And thanks to a-list celebrities, this super comfy look has been trending all over the world for the past few months. From flaunting your toned abs to complimenting your curves, this is, undeniably, one of the trendiest ways of styling sweatpants. You can definitely add a few other clothing items, depending on the accessories or the season.

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2. Loose Fit Sweater With Sweatpants

Another super stylish way of stepping out wearing sweatpants is by pairing it with a loose fit sweater. This incredible outfit can be worn to a number of places. Opt for trendy accessories like a choker and a cross body bag to elevate the entire look. Several celebrities have been going for this look, because it is equal parts trendy and super comfy. Try to experiment with bold and bright colors and don’t just stick to black and grey. For instance, you can team a bright orange loose sweater with royal blue sweatpants to look super cool and trendy.

3. Denim Jacket With Sweatpants

One of the best things about sweatpants is that they are comfortable and at the same time exude high style. Barring work place, you can effortlessly rock them at all times. If you haven’t already tried the dapper combination of a denim jacket and sweatpants teamed with a black t-shirt, then you must consider trying out this look. It is one of the biggest fashion trends and it will help you portray your carefree and relaxed attitude.

4. Black Blazer And White T-Shirt With Sweatpants

Nothing speaks sophistication like a black blazer. Team it with a white t-shirt and sweatpants to look like you mean business. This super casual outfit will guarantee that you look ready for anything that comes your way. If your work place is not too strict about the dress code, then you can easily don this look from work to a casual lunch date, without compromising on your comfort or style.

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5. Overcoat With Sweatpants

You can never go wrong by using an overcoat to style an outfit. Either opt for a button down shirt or just a tank top inside and team it with an over sized overcoat and super comfy sweatpants. This outfit has become the ultimate sweatpants outfit for many fashion savvy bloggers, celebrities and trendsetters all over the world. Also, team a pair of boots with this outfit to look stunning and unforgettable.

6. Leather Jacket With Sweatpants

Style experts all over the world swear by this one item of clothing, leather jacket. This timeless clothing item will never go out of style and is the ultimate symbol of chic and elegance. To elevate the appearance of this classy outfit, don a grey t-shirt underneath. Also, you can team few trendy accessories with this dapper outfit to keep your style game on point.

7. Plaid Shirt With Sweatpants

Plaid shirts have stood the test of time in the fashion industry. This age-old clothing item is often cited as the must-have clothing item for women all over the world. It looks stylish with anything and everything. Don a classic plaid shirt with sweatpants to look like a model off-duty. Moreover, this comfy and cute outfit will give you the opportunity to experiment with latest, trendy accessories such as choker, etc.

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