7 Tried And Tested Tips To Make Your Shaving Last Long

Hair removal is an essential part of our daily beauty and grooming routine; be it for men or women. Especially for women there are a number of hair removal options available; these range from using hair removal products, waxing, shaving and even use of laser for permanent hair removal. The simplest, cheapest option of the lot however is shaving. Now many people have myths associated with shaving that it makes the hair thick or it increases the frequency of hair growth etc. in reality, these are just myths; let us try and break those myths and see simple tips for improving your overall shaving experience.

1. Exfoliate Before You Shave

Before starting to shave it is very important to scrub and exfoliate your skin. Doing this removes the dead cells as well as the ingrown hair and reduces the skin friction to the razor’s blade giving a smooth finish.

Exfoliate Before You Shave

2. Take A Shower Before Shaving

Once the skin is exfoliated and made smooth; ensure that you soak it in water for sufficient time. Now you may take a bath for 10-12 minutes or simply make the area to be shaved wet. This makes the skin and the hair soft thereby making the whole shaving experience easier.

Take A Shower Before Shaving

3. Use Lather Or Foam

Now that you have scrubbed the skin and also made it soft; the next and most crucial step is to use lather. Lathering is important since it makes the hair even more smooth and easy to remove. You can either use the normal soap or make use of shaving foam or gel to make the hair to be shaved smooth in texture. Doing this will make your shave last for long time as well as the hair which will grow after shaving will be soft in nature.

Use Lather Or Foam

4. Pick The Right Blade

Using the correct blade makes a lot of difference and it directly affects the post-shave hair growth. There are abundant razors available in the stores which cater to different needs. You must ideally use a new blade for every shave as sharper the blade; better will be the result. Using blunt re-used shaving blades makes the hair thick; also the shave doesn’t last long.

Pick The Right Blade

5. Use The Correct Shaving Technique

Using the right technique is a must in maintaining your shave for a long time. Shave with a feather hand and do not shave using pressure. Also the direction of moving the razor is crucial. All these parameters must be taken care of to make your shave last long. You must also avoid shaving at the same place multiple times.

Use The Correct Shaving Technique

6. Rinse Well Once You Finish Shaving

Once the hair removal by shaving is complete, wash the shaved area well preferably with a perfume free light textured wash. This removes the hair as well as makes the skin soft which in many cases prevents any in grown hair. Avoid using harsh chemicals or creams since they could irritate your skin.In case there is some hair left and the area needs to be shaved again, wait for few minutes before using the razor again.

Rinse Well Once You Finish Shaving

7. Use The Right Moisturiser Post Shaving

The final and most effective tip in making your shave last long is to moisturise and nourish the shaved skin. Moisturising avoids ingrown hair, and it also keeps the skin and the eventual hair growth soft in nature. You can use oils like coconut oil or macadamia oil for moisturising the skin. A light gel based odour free moisturiser could also be used. For best results apply the moisturising agent daily over the shaved area till it requires the next shave.

Use The Right Moisturiser Post Shaving