7 Unique Smoky Eyes Make Up Ideas

Smokey eyes are considered as the most attractive eye makeup around the world. It brings you a totally different dramatic look with black and grey shades. This specific eye make- up style is now popular in the world. Make-up artists are doing this smokey eye make –up with lots of care and perfection. The basic secret of these eyes is it changes the entire look and it is quite impressive. Not only the black and grey shades, but some make-up experts love to add neon colours in smokey eyes to give it a new definition. Well, smokey eyes are not very tough to design. You just need to know some tricks and different types of smokey eyes.

Here Are Some Ideas To Make Smokey Eyes Make Up That You Can Try For A Night Out:

1. Golden Smokey Eyes

If you are a ‘party animal’ then golden smokey eyes are the ultimate eye make-up for you. Start with the golden eye shadow and then finish with grey effect. Outline the eyes with black liner. You can wear a golden shade lipstick to complete the gorgeous evening make-up.

2. Black Smokey Eyes

This is the classic smokey eyes idea. The lower portion of the eyes and eyelids are in same black colour. It gives you quite a smudge smokey look. The style is bold and beautiful. These eyes are perfect for a night out. To make it more attractive you have to use some white shade in the lower part of the eyebrows and at the starting point of the eyes. You can use some dark shade lipstick with it to look more ravishing.

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3. Blue Smokey Eyes

Make your eyes shiny blue with smokey effect for the evening party. You can make it stunning as well as stunning with this special eye make-up. Use the blue eyeshadow on your eyelids and extends it with the eyes. Wear the black liner to make it prominent.

4. Pink Smokey Eyes

These smudgy smokey bright pink eyes are enough to increase the heartbeat of guys. Well, you can try this smokey eye make-up with a pink dress. Use a bright pink eye shadow on your eyelid with the black smudgy look. Use the Kajal and eyeliner and smudge it. You will have a pink and black smokey look instantly.

5. Glittery Smokey Eyes

If you want to have a sparkly look, then you should use glitter on your eyelids. Use a grey eye shadow and then add some glitters in it to make your eyes more prominent and attractive. Use black Kajal and eyeliner with it.

6. Nude Smokey Eyes

Smokey means not only black and grey, you can also use some nude effect in it. Like, use a nude eye shadow with some smokey effect and nude lipstick. Use the eyeliner in black and make some dark smokey effect with the nude eye shadow. This eye make-up will be perfect for evening parties. You can wear this make-up with a long nude dress to look gorgeous.

7. Metallic Smokey Eyes

It is for the happening night parties. You can wear metallic eye shadow which has the glittery effect to make a shiny look. Then outline the eyes with black liner to make it more prominent. This smokey look can bring you special magnetism in the party. You can try the metallic smokey eyes with some sparkling dress.

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