7 Ways To Have Frizz Free Hair In Monsoon

The scorching heat is settled by the monsoon and how much we love to see the drops falling, thereby giving relief to many species. But with the pros, the monsoon comes with a few cons such as humidity and the ladies aren’t very fond of that; their hair gets frizzy. The dense moisture impacts directly the root thus making them look dull and shabby. Nevertheless, there have been some techniques that can come handy to counter this issue as they are discussed as follows.

Here Are The 7 Ways To Have Frizz Free Hair In Monsoon:

1. Use A Mild Shampoo

Keeping the scalp clean is the key in this weather. Due to increase in humidity, the scalp is exposed sweat, dandruff and oil, making the roots brittle and weak. It is nothing new to use a shampoo thoroughly so to avoid any of the above which could lead to hair damage as a consequence.

Use a mild shampoo

2. Hair Conditioning

After shampoo, do not avoid hair conditioner. The hair conditioner should not be used very regularly and 1-2 times a week would provide you with the best results as conditioner helps you keep your hair smooth and soft, inverse characteristics to fizzy hair.

Hair Conditioning

3. Hair Dry

Hair dryers often used for a quick dry but leaving the hair alone is the best possible way to fry your hair. Yes it may take time due to the humid temperatures but letting the head dry all by its own should be the approach. Too much usage of blow dryer causes the hair to go dry and lifeless, only recommended when there is shortage of time.

Hair Dry

4. Avoid Hair Styling Products

Hair styling products contain chemicals which causes your hair to be oily and greasy. Keeping the scalp dry is the agenda and while you use such products, it can cause negative results in the long run. Furthermore, too much usage of such products may lead to dandruff due to the gum or the gel present in such commodities.

Avoid hair styling products

5. Combing

No surprises as this is one of the major ways to keep your hair from getting tangled. Combing not only keeps your hair in shape but also prevents growth of dandruff in any form. In addition, combing further enables you to get rid of the unwanted splits, thereby keeping your hair unfussy and aerated (hair from within require air as well). For best results use a wooden comb in monsoon rather than a plastic comb.


6. Eat Healthy, Stay Strong

To require healthy hair, intake of protein is of utmost importance. Protein rich foods such as milk and eggs help in strengthening of roots while the iron you may receive through fish can provide you with silky and smooth hair. Almonds and walnuts are other forms of food that help in gaining strong hair but to top it all, drink lots of water to keep your scalp hydrated.

Eat healthy, stay strong

7. Oiling

Applying hair oil will not only take care of your hair in a particular season but its use throughout the year is beneficial to your hair. Applying oil has been the oldest methods to nurture your hair. The monsoon leads to hair getting dry and thin and to nourish them back to life can be easy through oiling. Applying egg white mixed with almond oil can be effective in eradicating dandruff. Applying shampoo after oiling can provide you with the best results; the hair is exposed to complete nourishment while they look fabulous from the outside.