7 Ways To Save Your Hair From Getting Tangled

Hair has always been on the top of the list of styling. Hair styling has always been the key factor of representation of appearance and personality of a person. Besides, rough, dull or tangled hair slackens the comfort factor. However, in current polluted environment and usage of chemical hair care products result in dull and tangled hair.

To take good care of hair to save it from tangling, only a few precautions and good habits can be adapted. We are going to discuss a few of them in this article.

Below Are The 7 Ways To Prevent Your Hair From Getting Tangled:

1. Less Heat Styling

Curls and layers have always been on top of list hair styles. These styles require the hair to be heated during styling and that makes the hair dry and coarse. Heating also make the root of the hair very weak and creates split ends. In addition, the curly hair gets tangled very easily. So, if your hair is dry and brittle with curls,it will result in tangled hair, which will eventually result in hair fall. To avoid this situation use good protective hair spray products so that the hair gets soft and silky, this way the curls will not get tangled.

Less Heat Styling

2. Trim Hair Regularly

Hair grows naturally and long hair often results in split ends. Experimenting with hair styles and applying different hair products also causes dry hair and split ends. Split ends make your hair dull and dull hair gets tangled very easily. To get rid of split ends, trim your hair regularly. Trimming your hair will also help to retain the shape and density of it.

Trim Hair Regularly

3. Regular Conditioning Treatment

Conditioners have Silicone content in it and this helps hair to resist from humidity and frizz. Applying a good conditioner after shampooing will make your hair smooth and frizz free. Air pollution makes hair sticky and dull. Use shampoo and conditioning treatment at least thrice a week, so that hair is washed properly and remain smooth and silky.

Regular Conditioning Treatment

4. Use Warm Oil

Like trees, hair also gets its food from its root, which is the scalp. Dead scalp cells not only cause dandruff but it is a cause of dull hair as well and dull hair gets tangled very easily. Warm oil is another form of deep conditioning. Use warm oil to the roots and the follicles. Warm oils keep the scalp lively and provide necessary moisture to the hair. You can use macadamia oil, coconut oil for a natural shine.

Use Warm Oil

5. Avoid Bleaches

Colourful hairs are very much in fashion nowadays. But hair colours are very harmful to hair and make hair very dull and sticky. Also bleaches and dyes content harsh chemicals. It is recommended to avoid the bleaches and dyes as much as possible.

Avoid Bleaches

6. Use Serums

There are a lot of serums and sprays available which helps hair to remain silky and smooth. These serums help your hair with conditioning. These also provide necessary protein and oil to the hair. Use these serums regularly after washing your hair.

Use Serums

7. Sleeping With Braid

Braid your hair before you go to bed. But braiding areas need to be washed and combed thoroughly. While you are sleeping with braids you lessen up the chance of getting your hair tangled. To release your breads to fall use a comb which has wide tooth. Use a wooden comb while brushing since that will not create static energy and your hairs will not stick to each other.

Sleeping With Braid