7 Yoga Exercises To Fight Cellulite

Cellulite issues are a common scenario all over the planet with people plunging into outside food and bad lifestyle activities. However, the good news is that people are taking quick note and trying to curb the concern resulting into a fitter world like never before. The usual approach to fighting cellulite woes can be cardio and gym yes, but you would be rather happy to know that apart from cardio, some yoga poses can actually act as a stimulant to the cellulite loss in the body too! The best way to get the best of the worlds is by incorporating and inducing 20 minutes of yoga with a half an hour cardio session to see the difference yourself!

Thus, Some Of The Yoga Exercises To Fight Off Cellulite Fast Are Discussed Below:

1. The Eagle Pose

To practice this one you would need to stand straight and bend your knees and then try to cross the right thigh region over the left one and hook the right foot behind the calf area. In case the hooking is unreachable a task, you can simply keep it on the thigh too! The next step is to press the right arm while the left arm is underneath it and pressing it all together while trying to sit. Repeat this with the other leg after about six to right breaths.

2. The Dancing Shiva Pose

The dancing Shiva pose is another one which fights cellulite effectively and is practiced by standing in a pose where the feet are hip-distance apart and the hands are on the hip region. The next step is to raise the right leg at your back while the knees are bent and the foot is facing the ceiling as you complete 20 repetitions. At the last repetition you would need to try and lean forward and try to hold your right ankle with your right hand and hold on for atleast eight breaths before you skip to the other leg.

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3. The Warrior III Pose

This pose can be done after taking a support at the front as well due to the fact that it is difficult and balance is necessary. To practice this one, you would need to stand straight and try to lean your body at the front while raising a leg straight at the back while the other leg takes all the weight. The next step is to try leaning forward more so that your legs are horizontal and hold it for at least five breaths before you move to the other leg.

4. The Standing Forward Bend Pose

This one can be practiced with your feet at hip distance from each other and by bending your body forward like you do while touching your toe for a stretch. The next step is to make sure that the knees do not tough each other and there is a slight bend in them as well. Holding on till about five to eight breaths serves the purpose.

5. The Half Shoulder Stand Pose

This can be started off by lying down onto the floor with your back on the ground and resting the arms by the sides. The next step is to curl the knees into your body towards the forehead and putting the hands beneath the hip region for further support. Holding on for at least eight to ten repetitions before coming back to the original pose works wonders!

6. The Chair Pose

This one is by far one of the easiest yoga poses to get rid of the yucky cellulite hanging there on your body as it just takes you to start with a straight standing pose and try to sit back just as if trying to sit on a chair. After this you would need to raise your hands on top of your head and hold on the pose for at least five deep breaths before standing up again. Simple!

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7. The Boat Pose

The Boat Pose, also known widely as the Naukasana, this one helps in getting rid of cellulite too! To practice this one, you would need to sit on the ground and bend the right leg while putting the right foot on top of the left thigh. The next step is to bend the left leg and hold the left thigh tight with bth hands and breathe in deep. The following step is to breathe out and while doing so, lift the left leg off the ground while keeping the body straight and holding for at least some good number of deep breaths before releasing.

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