7 Yoga Poses For Thyroid

Yoga is a very healthy way to live the life. It cures many health problems. Yoga is also helpful for thyroid issues. Yoga helps to stretch, compress and twist the thyroid gland which helps to maintain the gland. There are many poses which can be beneficial.

Let’s Focus On The Yoga Poses:

1. Camel Pose

This yoga pose is very helpful for thyroid. You need to practice this yoga regularly. First of all, kneel down on the ground. Then bend your upper body on the back. Place your hands on the sides. Hold your heels when you will feel stretched at the back. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then come back slowly. Repeat this pose for 5 times at a stretch.

Camel Pose

2. Shoulder Stand Pose

This pose gives the stress on the shoulder, head, hands and thyroid gland. This pose compresses the gland and controls its disorder. Lie down on the floor on your back. Now try to lift your legs upward. Give the pressure on the shoulder, neck, head and hands. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat five times in a day.

Shoulder Stand Pose

3. Plow Pose

Plow pose is really good and effective for thyroid disorders. This yoga pose create compression on the gland. Lie down on the back; slowly raise your legs up. Place your hands on the sides. Now take the legs to the above on your head and touch the floor with your toes. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then repeat it. Practice daily.

Plow Pose

4. Cobra Pose

Cobra yoga pose is very effective for thyroid problems. Practice this yoga exercise regularly. It stretches the thyroid gland and treats the thyroid problems. Lie down on the abdomen and lift your upper body slowly. At the same time inhale and take the support of your hands. Keep your hands straight on the ground. Your face must be on the front side. Be in this position for 20 seconds. Repeat this yoga pose for at least 10 times a day for better result.

Cobra Pose

5. Bridge Formation Pose

This exercise is really helpful for thyroid issues. It stretches knees, back, neck and thyroid gland. Start with Lying down on the floor mat. Place your hands on the sides. Now bend your knees and raise your torso slowly towards the ceiling as much as you can. Give your pressure on the toes and hands. Hold this pose for one minute. Repeat at least five times at a stretch.

Bridge Formation Pose

6. Bow Pose

This is another yoga which efficiently arrests thyroid disorder. You need to practice it daily to control the situation. Lie down on your abdomen. Bend your knees towards up and hold your heels. Now try to pull your legs so that your body takes the shape as a “bow”. Your upper and lower body will be up. You will touch the floor with your abdomen. Stay in this pose for about 30 seconds and then again go back to your starting position.

Bow Pose

7. Headstand Pose

The Headstand yoga pose is excellent for many diseases, like, thyroid. Practice this pose everyeffday to control the problem. First of all, lie down on your back. Raise your legs up and then slowly raise the whole body towards the ceiling. Put your body pressure on the head and hands. Hold this position for ten breaths and then come to the starting position.

Headstand Pose

The above mentioned yoga poses are truly effective if you try them regularly along with the healthy diet.