7 Yoga Poses That Help In Strenghtening Knees And Ankles

The older age group struggles for ages to get a cure for it, any budding or professional sportsperson see their careers get marred by this physical injury; such is the severity of weak knees and ankles. Knees are more like the pillars of strength whereas your ankles absorb the physical grueling that your legs go through every day. Very often it has been found that people resort to hitting the gym to improve their body strength including that of the legs by pumping and pressing weights beyond their physical capacity.

Though it does help a few, majority of gym goers end up having jacked up legs and some even cause serious damage to their knees. Yoga on the other hand is a very deep and effective way to strengthen knees and ankles as it doesn’t call for any weight pumping; the focus is on repetition and holding on to poses.

Practice The Following 7 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Ankles And Knees:

1. Supported Half Moon Pose

Strengthening of knees depend a lot on how much weight you can support on your knees and ankles’ strength. Supported half moon poses strengthens the knees and tones the ankle muscles for better support.[1] Start with using a wall and a block to support your back and a hand respectively when bending forward. Put your weight on the right foot in this position and rotate the left side of your body on the up against the wall.

Supported Half Moon Pose

2. Child Pose

The pose may look dormant in nature but it is actually very helpful in improving knee and ankle strength.[2] As you lay with your knees folded and arms stretched forward, the knees’ blood circulation is improved and that helps in retaining balance as well.

Child Pose

3. Eagle Pose

To up the ante and to get the right sequence of the poses, Eagle pose should be included as it this standing pose challenges you to maintain balance and focus while standing on one foot with wrapped hands.[3] Try holding to the pose for a minute.

Eagle Pose

4. Extended Side Angle Pose

This pose extends your body sideways much as possible and improves sciatica condition.[4] Make sure that the knee bend sideways is perpendicular to the floor whereas the opposite leg is equally stretched. If having trouble with full stretch, rest your hand on a Yoga block.

Extended Side Angle Pose

5. Supported Chair Pose

One of the best exercises for beginners, supported chair pose makes itself challenging just as much. With your back against the wall, slide down to the point that your knees and legs are parallel to each other.[5] To get balance in the initial stage, place your hands on your thighs. As your body improves resistance, increase the time duration from 30 seconds to a minute or two.

Supported Chair Pose

6. Tree Pose

The easier form of Eagle pose that does not require you to wrap your legs and arms; instead you have to nothing but raise both your hands with head at 90 degrees, put one leg around the thighs of the other and stay balanced for long as you can.[6] Throughout this pose, make sure your gaze forward and let your knees and ankles take the load.

Tree Pose

7. Warrior I,II, And III

Each and every pose and modification of warrior is bound to improve your overall leg strength. Warrior I and II focus on developing strong ankles.[7] Warrior III on the other hand is lets you maintain body balance on the knees in high lunge position. Improves and tones the hips as well.

Warrior I,II, And III