8 Amazing Benefits Of Monkey Jump Exercise

To strengthen the legs there are a lot of exercises performed. One such exercise taught in the Kung Fu way is the monkey jump. Monkey jump begins with the squatting position. It is an exercise involving fun yet effective. Before we see the benefits of monkey jump exercise let us learn how to do the exercise. Jumping in all directions is going to be fun. Performing backward jump will need more strength while trying to push with the arms. Place an obstacle at the height of your belly button. Slowly progress close to the obstacle by jogging and when there is a 4 feet distance between you and the obstacle keep your feet apart and squat down then keep the hands on the obstacle and jump tucking both feet up by getting them close to the hands. Move forward and higher. Once you are in the air gently land down and run. That’s all you have performed the monkey jump.

Here Are The 8 Amazing Benefits Of Monkey Jump Exercise:

1. Weight Loss Is Achieved By Melting Fat

Monkey Jumps has a major impact on the calf muscles, quadriceps, and abdominal muscles. Perform monkey jump 2 sets 10 times in each set will work out in all the mentioned areas and will effectively achieve weight loss.

2. Improves Metabolism

Monkey jump improves metabolism. Thereby making the body very active and this enhances the flexibility of the body. Upon continuous practice, it will be possible to finish the monkey jump at a greater intensity thus increasing the metabolism.

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3. Tones Entire Legs

While performing monkey jump the obstacle is placed at your belly button height. One must jog slowly to the obstacle and keep the feet apart in squatting position to jump the obstacle. This will make the entire lower body work. Thereby tones the whole leg portion including the calf muscles, inner, and outer thigh.

4. Provides Strength To Fingers Wrists And Knuckles

While monkey jump is usually done by pressing the palm and that enhances the shoulder strength. When monkey jump is slightly modified and performed using fingers, wrist, or knuckles it provides strength to that respective part of the body as the whole body is balanced using that part before jumping the obstacle.

5. Relieves Stress And Rejuvenates The Nervous System

By pressing the palm on the obstacle raise your body and jump tucking both feet up getting it close between the hands. Move forward and higher. When you press your palms all nerves connected to palm gets the acupressure treatment and energize the whole body. Once you are in the air you feel like you are floating in the air that removes all tensions. The fun way to get relieved from tension.

6. Belly Flattener

While tucking the feet the belly is completely tucked inside. Breathe in when you tuck the feet within the hands and breathe out while you rise above the obstacle to jump. Belly achieves a completely flat structure by practicing monkey jump 10 times one set and slowly increasing up to 5 sets.

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7. Urinary Incontinence

The uncontrolled way of urinating is called Urinary incontinence. In simple words, there is no control on urination. This happens especially to ladies after delivery as their muscles are loosened during delivery due to the expansion of the uterus. This presses the urinary bladder and results in an involuntary urine flow. This is very embarrassing for every woman. Practice monkey jumps to tighten the abdominal muscles and shrink the uterus back to position post delivery. This can regulate the urine flow. The monkey squat is the right way to lift the hinge at the hips to 45 degrees and to bend the knees to right angle. This movement will provide strength to the pelvic floor quads and the glutes in its best position. Monkey jump is a boon to the women society.

Note: Please consult a doctor before starting monkey jump post delivery.

8. Develops The Scapula

The toughest version of the monkey jump is just to bend towards the shoulders and to simultaneously take steps towards the sideways. This will emphasize on having a control over the shoulder and thereby will widen the shoulder girdle. The shoulder girdle is also called the scapula which connects the bone between the humerus and the collar bone. Hold a ball in hand to have a grip in the beginning and move the legs in the air with power and accuracy. This will be difficult in the beginning but eventually, on practice, you will be able to achieve a balanced walk that looks like a chimpanzee walking.

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