8 Amazing Benefits Of Oxygen Facial For Glowing Skin


Oxygen is an essential element for our survival. Oxygen that we inhale from the air helps to protect our body from toxins and impurities. But pollution, dirt, ultra violet rays of the sun and growing age turns our facial skin dull and lifeless. Wrinkles and fine lines began to form. Oxygen facial is a specialized beauty procedure to bring back the lost glow to the facial skin. Oxygen facial stimulates circulation, provides hydration, kills bacteria and bringing down inflammation refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. This facial infuses pure oxygen to the layers of the skin using an air brush and then treats the skin with special serum that can heal, calm and sooth the skin. Replenishing the levels of oxygen in the skin, it eliminates wrinkles and fine lines and restores the youthfulness of the skin.

Benefits Of Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial is a great way to pamper your facial skin. it is invasive process that involves use of light rays and cream. Different blends of hyaluronic acids, antioxidants, botanical extracts and vitamins are used taking into consideration the specific needs of a patient’s skin which provides following benefits.

1. No Painful Side Effects

Compared to other types of skin procedures like microdermabrasion, Botox etc. oxygen facial leaves no abrasive and painful side effects like itching, burning, redness or stinging. Even those with sensitive skin, who have abhorrence to needles can undergo this process, because the procedure is quite gentle. It exfoliates and replenishes skin’s lost glory in a quick and easy way.

No Painful Side Effects

2. Promotes Collagen Production

The oxygen therapy involves infusion of oxygen and vitamins into the skin which nourishes the skin and encourages collagen production and restores firmness and tightening of the skin and reinstates skin’s lost elasticity, eliminates fine lines wrinkles and also lightens age spots. Skin regains its youthfulness.

Promotes Collagen Production

3. Detoxifies The Skin

Air pollution, cigarette smoking, poor diet and unhealthy life-style rob skin’s much needed oxygen. Oxygen facial helps to reverse the effect of these environmental pollutants providing the boost of oxygen and rejuvenates the oxygen starved skin.

Detoxifies The Skin

4. Provides Moisturization

Oxygen facial could be a blessing for those struggling with excessive dryness of the skin. Oxygen therapy hydrates the skin. It offers deep penetrating moisturization that restores healthy and balanced pH level of the skin and heals, soothes and cools the skin. Properly moisturized skin doesn’t possess dryness and glows automatically.

Provides Moisturization

5. Heals Acne Blemishes

The infusion of oxygen into the skin can speed up new cell turnover at a faster speed. The increased cell regeneration can speed up healing process of the scars, acne and blemishes.

Heals Acne Blemishes

6. Brings Radiance To The Skin

Removing the impurities and dead skin cells that makes the skin look dull and lifeless, , this procedure with a burst of oxygen, restores the lost shine and glow of the skin. One can experience a deep cleansing of the skin with increased blood circulation and infusion of skin nourishing nutrients.

Brings Radiance To The Skin

7. Instant Result

Some of benefits of oxygen facial are instantly visible. Many patients report soft, glowing and younger looking skin after the procedure. Those suffering with acne have also reported clearing of their skin for a period of time. And the best ever benefit of this facial is it is suitable for all skin type. It can be a perfect party facial as it brings instant glow to your skin and makes you party ready.

Instant Result

8. Fast Recovery

Oxygen facial doesn’t need a recovery time after the procedure. Patient can immediately apply makeup or go out . Normally other procedures involve recovery time.

Fast Recovery

Oxygen facial is also cheaper and safe compared to other invasive beauty regimen.