8 Amazing Benefits Of The Onion Juice For Skin, Health And Hair

Onion is known to be as the basic ingredient for cooking, without it your dishes will not have any taste, but onions has many amazing properties for the good health, it makes our body healthy from the inside and from the outside. The scientific name of the onion is Allium cepa and we eat all the part of it. Onion juice we get from making the paste of the onions and take out the liquid from it, there are many health, skin and hair benefits of the onion juice, here is the list of the benefits.

1. Good For Hair Growth

Onion has an amazing antibacterial properties, that attacks on the bacterial infections to the scalps and remove it.[1] Onions has good amount of the Sulphur in it, which is good in fighting with the hair loss, Sulphur gives strength to the scalps and rejuvenate the cells of the scalps, that now holds your hair tightly, take out the fresh juice of the onions, apply it directly to the scalps with the finger tips, leave it for sometime and then clean it with the mild shampoo.

Good For Hair Growth

2. Fight With Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which our body blood sugar levels is increased and then our body has to face so many problems, onion juice has the quercetin which has the ability to trigger the bile duct of the liver and bile juice is produce, that controls the blood sugar levels of the body and your diabetes level can be low now, drinking onion juice daily will control the blood sugar level of the body.[2]

3. Fight With The Cancer

Cancer is spreading now a days and any one can be trapped by the cancer, the cancer cells keep on increasing, so we need something that can easily fight with these cells, onion juice has an amazing property of fighting with the cancer cells.[3] Onion has the selenium in it, which can fight the cancer cells of the breast, lung and the prostate, you should take out the fresh juice of the onions and take it, to stay away from cancer cells.

Fight With The Cancer

4. Maintain Healthy Heart

Onion gives you a healthy heart, onion has silicon in it, which helps in lower the temperature of the blood.[4] Onion also oxidizes the excess amount or bad cholesterol of the body, it will not allow the heart to be choked, so if you have any problems related to the heart, then you need to drink the fresh juice of the onion in the morning to maintain a healthy heart without any cardiovascular diseases.

Maintain Healthy Heart

5. Healthy Skin

We all want a healthy skin and for this we apply many creams on it, but these creams have harmful chemical contents in it, so we need to apply the herbal methods to get the healthy skin, onion juice can remove the blemishes and dark spot of the skin, you need to take the apple cider vinegar, now take chopped the onions very fine and pass it with the cheese cloth, then mix it and apply it on the blemishes for sometimes, clean it to get the blemish free healthy skin.[5]

6. Fight With Respiratory Problems

As the weather changes, there are many respiratory problems that might attack on us. Onion has the properties to fight with the respiratory problems like the cold, influenza, cough, you need to take the equal amount of the honey, mix it with the honey, now sallow it slowly to get rid of the respiratory problems.[6]

7. Problems Of Ears

Ear problems are so painful and that can be caused by any bacterial or the virus infection, any chemical content can harm our ear badly and can cause to the permanent deafness also, so we need to take extra care while handling with the problems related to the ear, onion juice can solve all the problems related to the ears, you need to take out the fresh juice of the onion, make it hot, place the cotton in it, now add 2 to 3 drops of the juice in your ear.[7]

8. Fight With Cholera

Cholera is the most common disease in which we have to face so many of the health problems, like the vomiting, dehydration, so we need to use something that can be easily digested.[8] Onions juice has the ability to fight with the cholera, you need to take out the powder of the 7 black pepper and take out the onion juice of about 25 gm, mix it and drink it, for the kids you can add the sugar or the black salt to change the bitter taste of the onion.