8 Amazing Ingredients To Banish Dry And Flaky Skin

Dry skin is a very usual phenomenon in the current times for majority of people. This occurs when the skin isn’t able to retain the required amount of moisture (especially in the summers) thereby leading to dry and flaky skin by the end of the day. If the problem of dry skin occurring on certain parts of the body while other parts are well moisturizer with the excess of oil, especially on our faces, it can further lead to combination skin.

Dry skin can make you feel uncomfortable and itchy and thus it affects the skin even more. On the more, the dried parts of skin can lead to wrinkles and skin breaking; something that will make you look old and unwanted, something that the ladies would never want it to happen. Although the products claiming to give you the best results in the market are available, let us see some ingredients that can come handy to counter the problem of dry and flaky skin.

Some Of Them Are Discussed Below As Follows:

1. Cocoa Butter

The butter obtained from cocoa beans can be used as this is perhaps one of the best moisturizer available. That is why this is present in lotions and moisturizers at the same time. Another benefit from the same can be seen through the cost of the same as this would cost you very little as compared to the body butters found in stores.

Cocoa Butter

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Everyone is sure about the use of Aloe Vera for betterment of skin. The gel inside can be extracted easily and can be applied directly on the parts of the skin that are affected. This gel is absorbed by our skin making it difficult for that patch to go dry and letting dryness and flakes from returning.

Aloe Vera gel

3. Coconut Oil

One of the best oils that can be used for your skin is coconut oil. This can make your skin look shiny and smooth by helping the dry patch get the much needed moisturizing deep within the skin. Apart from the same, the fragrance of coconut oil is something that you cannot avoid.

Coconut Oil

4. Glycerin

Glycerin can act against the worst of dry and flaky skin parts. Furthermore, this is very easily available in the market as against most of the skin care products in stores and additionally, it is very cheap as compared. This helps in reviving the dead parts as it has healing powers. No wonder glycerin is used in cases of skin ulcers and can act even on the skin inside the mouth.

Glycerin Moisturizer

5. Olive Oil

Talking about deep conditioning, olive oil is the best ingredient for it. The rich in vitamins and minerals, olive oil can fight against dry, itchy and flaky skin to a comprehensive level. The oil can be applied directly for overnight to observe great results in the morning. Olive oil also has the capabilities of healing the damaged parts of skin and that would be beneficial against the flaky parts.

Condition your hair with Olive oil

6. Milk

Milk and its products are very common ingredients in the products being sold in the market. Since milk has most of the nutrients present in it, this can be applied on the skin to provide it with much needed nutrients. Soak a cotton ball in milk or its products such as yoghurt or curd and apply it directly on your skin. This will give you fairer skin to begin with and what works most is the cooling properties it has thereby helping the skin to moisturize and retain the same in stiff conditions. The presence of Lactic acid in milk can be another component to treat dry and flaky skin as it helps the skin to remain hydrated.


7. Almond Oil

The oils have come handy in treating most of the skin problems and Almond Oil is a part of that family. The rich in Vitamin-E can be used because of the presence of anti-oxidants that can aid in skin exfoliation. Simply massaging the same before a shower can give you the desired results against dry and flaky skin within weeks.

Applying almond oil

8. Honey

Honey has anti-septic properties that can be great against the problems of dried skin. Honey contains bacteria that can counter the problems of moisture retention and helps the same to retain skin oil or moisture for a long period. Honey has the ability to kill dead cells thereby reviving the same and helping the new skin to come out and get exposed to much needed oxygen.

Honey (4)

The above mentioned ingredients are easily available in your kitchen. Use them on your skin apart from cooking and see the difference.