8 Amazing Makeup Tricks For Managing Chubby Cheeks

Woman with chubby cheeks looks cute and beautiful. But, sometimes chubby cheeks create some beauty problems while applying the makeup. Chubby cheeks do not always look good. Hence, women with chubby cheeks are required to take unique care when applying makeup. There are some extraordinary makeup tricks with the help of which you can easily hide this cosmetic problem. This article is all about some amazing makeup tricks for hiding the chubby cheeks. Keep reading this article for making your face appear thin with the help of some makeup tricks.

Below Are The 8 Amazing Makeup Tricks For Managing Chubby Cheeks:

1. High Arched Eyebrows

Getting the perfect high arch for the eyebrows is highly essential in hiding your chubby cheeks. Hence, it is very important to pay a special attention to the eyebrows shape. High arched eyebrows make the round shaped chubby cheeks appear thinner and slimmer.

High Arched Eyebrows

2. Silver And Bronze Blush

Blushes of bright color highlight your chubby cheeks. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using those blushes. The best choice for hiding the chubby cheeks is by using bronze shade blushes. Silver blush can also be used. These blushes are very helpful in making your cheekbones appear high. If possible, opt for powder blushes.

Silver And Bronze Blush

3. Cream Blush

Get a flushed look on the nose with blushes. You can do this with the help of contouring with the blushes. Take the cream blush and make ‘C’ on your nose. Apply the cream blush on your nose with the help of a dabbing movement. Apply lightly and do not put excess pressure. Cream blush offers you the natural look. This makeup technique will not let others notice your chubby cheeks.

Cream Blush

4. Light And Dark Foundations

Highlighting and contouring tricks greatly aid in making your face appear thin and slim. Sculpted cheekbones can be obtained by applying the foundation in 3 different shades. Apply the dark foundation on the jaw line area and then mix it towards the neck. This method is very effective in hiding the double chin. Use dark foundation over the temples to enjoy the thin look on the forehead as well. Use light foundation on the middle part of the nose and cover its sides with the help of dark foundation. This method helps in giving you thin and sharp look to your nose.

Light And Dark Foundations

5. Locate Cheekbones

For contouring cheekbones, firstly you are required to locate them. Suck your cheeks for locating the cheekbones. Then, contour them. You can also locate the cheekbones by smiling at the mirror. When smiling, you can easily observe the highest point of your smile. Contour at this point.

Locate Cheekbones

6. Eye And Lip Makeup

Eye and lip makeup also gives the slim and thin look to your face. See that your eye makeup makes your eyes appear bigger. Apply eye shadow and eyeliner on your eyes. Apply mascara as well. Always prefer to apply natural lips color. Prefer to apply tinted lip balm to your lips. Complete the process by smearing lip gloss.

Eye And Lip Makeup

7. Bronzer On Jawline And Cheeks

Application of bronzer on the jaw line and cheeks greatly helps in making your chubby cheeks appear thin. You are required to take the dark shade matte bronzer. Smear bronzer on your cheeks towards your ear. You need to apply the slim layer of the dark bronzer on the bottom of the jaws. These effective techniques greatly assist you in making your chubby cheeks appear thin.

Bronzer on Jawline and Cheeks

8. High-Quality Sponges And Brushes

Using the high-quality sponges and brushes are very important for applying the makeup. See that you use high-quality brushes for the application of the makeup. You should also make use of high-quality makeup sponges for blending your makeup.

High-quality sponges and brushes