8 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Small Eyes Looking Bigger

Our eyes make our face beautiful, if you have done make up to the face and but leave your eyes, then your face will not look good, every one want to have big eyes but it is not in hand of every one, so if you have the small eyes, then you need to worry, your small eyes have the eyebrows, eye lashes and by working on it we make an illusion effect that will make our eyes bigger, we need to use some of the make up tricks to all the parts of the body, here is the list of tricks.

1. Proper Shape Of Eyebrows

Eyebrows plays an important role to make your eyes beautiful and also it creates an illusion effect of bigger eyes, so the first thing is to give proper shape to the eyebrows, for this you need to get a thin line of eyebrows, but if you want a thick eyebrow, then you should make a decent gap between eyes and the eyebrows lower line, if your eyebrow growth is not proper, then you should apply eyebrow color pencil.

2. Curl Up Your Eyelashes

Every women have the eyelashes curl up tool with them, if you have small eyes and want to make it bigger, then you need to work on the eyelashes also, if our eyelashes are straight, then it is good if you have big eyes, so for the small eyes, you need to place the curl up tool to the eyelashes and then you need to curl up your eyelashes, now take the mascara and apply it on the eyelashes and make it big, to make your eyes bigger.

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3. Remove Dark Circles

Dark circles are the major problem of the women, some time dark circles makes your eyes smaller, so you need to take proper rest, use the dark circles removing face mask, but if you want to get ready immediately, then you need to apply a good foundation to the dark circle and hide them completely, you have to apply two to three layers of the foundation also, then you need to blend up it with the brush.

4. Light Eye Shadow

This is the most important make up trick to get the big eyes, eye shadows reflects the image of the eyes to everyone, so you should be extra cautious if you have the small eyes, then you should use the light color of the shadow and the color should be of the same use for the foundation and the combination of the dark color of the eyelashes and light color of the eye shadow gives a perfect illusion effect of bigger eyes.

5. Shimmer To The Eye Corners

Shimmer always take the center of the attractions and if you have applied it to the corners of the eyes, then it is noticed first by the everyone and it looks big, you should blend up the shimmer which should be neutral in color, then take a thin brush and apply it to the corners of the eyes, make sure you should give a soft touch of shimmering effect.

6. Coloring Of Upper Water Line

As the eyelashes have the importance in making the bigger eyes, upper water line also plays an important role, you should place the thumb on the eye and pull the skin of the eyes, like the eye lashes will slightly roll up and you water line will come up, now take the water line brush, take the color in it, now slowly and carefully, apply the color to the upper water line, so now people will start noticing the upper water line and your eyes will look bigger.

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7. White Eye Pencil

If want to apply a black pencil as a kohl to your eyes, then you actually making your eyes even smaller, so you need to take the white eye pencil, pull the lower eye lash as the lower eye line is showing, apply the white kohl to the eye, the nude color like the skin tone will increase the area of the eyes and your eyes will start looking bigger, you should apply light make up also.

8. Remove Puffiness Of The Eyes

There are some problems to the eyes also, that will make your eyes small, one of them is the puffiness to the eyes, this will swell the eyes, so you need to take the proper rest, so that your eyes will be relaxed and the swelling will not be there to the eyes, you need to do proper yoga, cold teabags to remove the puffiness of the eyes.

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