8 Benefits And Uses Of Yogurt For Skin And Hair

Yogurt is a delicious food, packed with bone-building calcium and power-boosting protein and several other nutrients like vitamin B-2, B-12, magnesium, potassium. But one of its properties that make yogurt a healthy dietary choice is probiotics – the healthy bacteria that can help boost immune system and keep digestive tract healthy and help get rid of stomach ailments. The powerful nutrients contained in yogurt also make it an excellent skin and hair care aid. The mild astringent quality of yogurt and the presence of lactic acid and zinc can help you get soft and supple skin and hair.

Here Are the Yogurt for Beautiful and Gorgeous Skin:

1. Moisturizes Your Skin

To rejuvenate your skin and boost moisture, try yogurt face masks. Yogurt contains lactic acid – a natural hydroxyl acid which acts as a natural cleanser that will soothe and hydrate your skin and leave it feeling soft and refreshed. In 4 tbsp. plain yogurt, add 1tbsp. honey and few drops of lemon juice. Blend well and apply the mask on your entire face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.


2. Eliminate Acne

Yogurt has been found very effective in clearing acne. Just take 1tbsp of plain yogurt. Blend it slightly with a spoon and apply on the affected spots with help of cotton ball. Keep it on your skin for as long as possible and then wash off with cold water. The lactic acid and zinc contained in zinc will help to kill the bacteria and help you get relief from acne.

Reduces Acne

3. Scrub Your Feet

Yogurt and walnut foot scrub is an excellent scrub for getting rid of calluses, dry patches and get clean feet. For scrubbing your feet, prepare a mixture of ½ cup yogurt and ¾ cup of ground walnut. The scrub will help to moisturize the feet removing dead skin cells and dirt and make the soles of your feet soft and smooth.

Take care of hands and feet

4. Soothes Dry Irritated Skin, Soothes Sun Burn

Apply plain yogurt to soothe your dry, irritated skin and leave until it dries. Hydrating and moisturizing the skin the mask will bring relief from pain, itchiness, redness and burning of the skin along with reducing inflammation. Rinse with normal tepid water.

Helps Get Rid of Tan And Sunburn

5. Treat Dark Circles

Work stress, lack of sleep and genetics are some of the reasons that cause dark circles. The application of plain yogurt with the help of cotton ball will help to reduce puffiness and dark patches around the eyes. Yogurt has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce puffiness and lactic acid helps to reduce the dark patches.

Reduces Dark Circles

Yogurt For Shiny And Silky Hair

6. Conditions Hair

Yogurt is a great natural alternative to store bought chemical conditioners as it has excellent moisturizing properties which repairs dry damaged hair, makes them soft and silky. You can make your own homemade conditioner by adding 2 tbsp. aloe Vera gel and 2tbsp. coconut oil in 4 tbsp. yogurt. After blending the ingredient, apply this hair mask to your scalp and hair. Gather your hair on the top of the head and wear a shower cap. Leave it for an hour and then wash off using a mild shampoo.

Conditions Hair

7. Reduces Hair Fall

When your hair and scalp do not get proper nourishment, they become weak and start falling. If you have hair fall problem, this yogurt mask will provide all the nutrients it needs to prevent hair fall. In ½ cup of yogurt, add to 2tbsp. of grounded fenugreek seed, mix well and apply to each strand and the hair scalp. After an hour, rinse your hair with mild shampoo.

Reduces Hair Fall

8. Banish Dandruff Problem

The anti-fungal property of yogurt is excellent for clearing dandruff from your hair. Massage yogurt on the scalp. Leave for 15-20 minutes and wash off with mild shampoo. By clearing the flaky skin and itching, it will help you rid the hair from dandruff.