8 Best Barbell Exercises For Women

Exercises are not only necessary for increasing strength and energy, it is necessary for a wonderful health. Working out not only strengthens the body but it also refreshes the mind. To be strong and build muscles you can opt for all kinds of exercises but with adequate care. Barbell exercises are one of the most popular forms of exercise. For muscle building you can go for the barbell exercise because it is very effective for muscles. You can join a gym or else you can set a small gym in your home. Experts recommend many barbell exercises that can help you in building strength and strong muscles. Barbells are the set of essential exercising equipments in the gym. It helps to build strength, body mass and energy. Barbell works to build upper and lower body muscles. Barbells are as useful for women as it is for men. There are several exercises which help can be helpful for women to practice their muscle training.

Let’s have a look at the barbell exercises which can help a woman to get a perfect physique and to increase body strength. You can increase the number of sets as you go and as you are comfortable.

Here Are The 8 Best Barbell Exercises For Women:

1. Bench Press

Bench Press is for the perfect barbell exercise for building chest mass. It is one of the most popular exercises for the beginners. Lie down on a flat bench and hold the barbell with hand and keep a shoulder width distance. Now inhale and get the barbell near your lower chest. Move your elbows on the sides. Now exhale and push the barbell up. Practice this exercise for ten times in three sets.

Bench Press

2. Incline Bench Press

It is quite similar to the bench press exercise. Just need to add the inclined bench instead of flat one. This exercise is very good for building upper chest. Hold the barbell near the center. Now inhale and pull down the barbell near your upper chest and push up when you exhale. Repeat this exercise for 10 times in three sets.

Incline Bench Press

3. Close Grip Bench Press

This one is also like the bench press exercise. The name easily defines that you have to hold the barbell closely. The gap between two grips should be six to eight inches. Now place the barbell down and raise it up at the extreme. Do this exercise for at least 15 times in three sets. This will help to strengthen your Triceps.

Close Grip Bench Press

4. Standing Curl

Stand straight and keep shoulder length gap between the two feet. Hold the barbell with much gap than the shoulder. Now press your elbows to the sides and then curl the hands in. Do this till your biceps are fully tight. Practice this exercise for at least five times. It will be better to practice it nine repetitions. This way you will make the bicep muscle strong.

Standing Curl

5. Reverse Curl

In this exercise hold the barbell with overhand grip. Now keep the elbows near your sides. Pull the barbell with strength near your chest and then push it down. Practice this exercise for twelve times with three sets of repetitions. Practicing this barbell exercise everyday helps to build and strengthen your biceps and forearms.

Reverse Curl

6. Wrist Curls

Place your arms on the flat bench and keep the wrists on the bench with palms up, just beside the edge of the bench. Now relax your hands up and raise the barbell close to your forearms. Do this three times a day. Do as many as you can in per set until you get tired. This barbell exercise helps you to build your forearms and gives strength to your hand muscles.

Wrist Curls

7. Overhead Press

You can do this exercise in a standing or sitting position. Hold the barbells tightly with your hands and lower the barbell in front of you. Hold the barbell with wide grip wider than your shoulder length. Now Lower those down to the front side or behind the neck. It is good for your shoulder and back muscles. Practice this Overhead press for at least twelve times for better result. This exercise strengthens your whole lower back and shoulders.

Overhead Press

8. Squat

Squat is good for the leg muscles. It is very effective. It is quite similar to the overhead press. Hold the barbells and lower down the barbell down to the back of the neck. Just like the overhead press, instead this time bring the barbell down to the back of your neck and squat down slowly even steadily as you bring the weights down. This method of exercise effectively strengthens your leg muscles.