8 Best Bucket Bags Of 2016

The bucket bag is a structured bag, which is not too trendy and is of a good and appealing size. When it comes to utility, you cannot argue with the amount of size you get in a bucket bag. It is easy to fit in a lot and still look trendy.

Below Listed Are Some Bucket Bags Which Not Only Look Trendy But Are Also Good For Your Wallets.

1. The Red Tassel

This bucket bag by J.C. Crew is a red bucket bag with tassel draw strings. The vibrant red could be used with almost any colour and it would add that colour pop to your look. The tassel drawstrings add some character to the otherwise monotonous look.

The Red Tassel

2. The Crocodile Feel

This bucket bag by Zara named the Mock-Croc mini bucket bag is for those who like to hold on to their bags instead of slinging them over their shoulder. This bag is made of leather which will remind one of the crocodile skin, thus the name. It is completely cylindrical and has a small silver handle for you to hold. The cylindrical shape gives a lot of space but the negative point is that it is not expandable. It is almost a solid structure.

The Crocodile Feel

3. The Shiny Look

For those who want the classic shine, Trademark has a black bucket bag just right for you. If you are an office goer looking for a bag with a lot of space to fit the documents and fulfil the need for a classic black shine to give that sophisticated and official look do not keep this bag away from your wardrobe. This black bucket bag has a shiny and smooth look, with an adjustable handle which can be hung over your shoulder.

The Shiny Look

4. The Striped Bag

A bucket bag by Mother of Pearl with a grey base with bright orange and blue stripes and a soft and furry black base. Who wouldn’t love that? This colour combination on this bag goes with almost every casual outfit you can think of wearing. It has a long strap so it can be thrown over the shoulder which makes it easy to carry. College, high school or someone in their twenties just hanging out on weekends or having casual plans in the evenings, this is one bag that suits all these occasions.

The Striped Bag

5. A Touch Of Gold

The Sophie Hulme Black Alwyne Bucket bag suits the office look the best. I you want to add a sophistication of the golden touch to your outfit while keeping in mind the space you require in your daily bag this is the best thing created. This bag also suits the elderly. Bring out the inner authoritative and classy woman in you with this amazing bucket bag and keep the people wondering.

A Touch Of Gold

6. A Little Deception

Silence + Noise’s elbow bucket bag is completely white from the outside but has an array of colour on the inside. From the outside it will look like any purse with a nice golden chain but it actually has a multi-coloured cloth on the inside which can be closed with a draw string. So if you are the person who loves colours but has been force to go monotone and official, which is actually boring for you, this is just the right bag for you.

A Little Deception

7. Metal And Pastel

Loeffler Randall has brought the Mini Industry bucket bag. This small bucket bag is made in white and skin coloured leather with small metallic circles pasted all around the body of the bag. It has tassel draw string to close the bag which adds to the Boho- chic look. It has the options of a small and long handle which makes it that much easier to carry.

Metal And Pastel

8. Classic Black

The Vince Camuto Lorin-leather bucket bag is a classic bag for those who like to keep it simple and want an all-rounder bag. It is made of leather as soft as butter which can be used all year round. It also has a single draw string which hangs like a loop so there is no reason to go into the hassle of tying the strings when you are in a hurry. So for those who love the black bag in their wardrobe that goes with every outfit they like put on hurry and grab it off the shelves before they are out of stock.

Classic Black

The above mentioned basket bags comes in various styles and colors. You can choose the print and texture as per your choice and requirements. The bags comes in various range. Some are affordable and some not. So, the choice is yours.