8 Best Elle Handbags Collection Of 2016

Elle has taken the style quotient up a notch with some trendy and bright tote handbags for the season. So if your bags have become shabby and drab from all year round wear and tear, it is time to put that aside and look at some new collections. So why not look at this trendy new collection which gives you ample space to carry everything you need.

8 Best Elle Handbags Collection Of 2016

1. The Tory Burch Block T Tote

This tote by Elle has the classic black look with a tiny golden label to deviate from the black. It also has a T shape in black and the black itself is in two different shades. So what might seem like a regular and monotonous black bag is not really that regular. It has its own variations and style and will also go with almost every outfit. You could even take this bag to office because it is not out of place in a formal setting.

The Tory Burch Block T Tote

2. The Baggu Basic Tote

For the lovers of pink, here is tote in that soft and soothing baby pink that looks good with so many outfits it is hard to keep track of. Add to that perfect chic look by carrying this light pink, long tote which will fit everything and more while keeping the look extremely trendy. You could even pair this bag with the office look.

The Baggu Basic Tote

3. The Smiley Tote

Go casual with a pop of the yellow and spread the smile. This yellow bag with a big and heart-warming smiley right at the centre of the bag is a perfect fit for our beach wear. You could fit everything you need for the beach like a bottle, clothes, lotion, etc. It would be a comfortable fit in this bag and the yellow is perfect for the beach where the brightness of the colour would not be out of place.

The Smiley Tote

4. Expandable Sides

The Banana Republic Pebbled Italian Leather Tote is a perfect fit for the formal wear, whether it be for office or for a sorority Sunday brunch with friends. This white bag sits perfectly with the classy and sophisticated woman in you. It also has expandable sides which makes it easy to carry a lot of things. It even saves you the trouble of carrying an extra bag or carrying it in your hand when you buy something and do not have space in your bag to carry it.

Expandable Sides

5. The White Bag

A formal party or an interview for college or a job, go safe with a long and white handbag. It is completely white and it is long enough to fit in your files for the job. It even has a pretty white bow on the front to add some character to the bag. It even has a thin, white, and long handle which can be easily placed over your shoulder.

The White Bag

6. Brown Fringe

Like the dark colour and the wooden feel in your outfit? Well choose a light coloured outfit, preferably pastel shades and take the brown bag as a contrast. It even has fringes on the sides which hides the side expansions and keeps the pretty look intact. Expansions are really useful when you have a lot to buy and do not want to carry too many bags.

Brown Fringe

7. The Mcm Milla Tote

The MCM Milla tote is of an auburn shade and has a golden touch to it in the tag. For the women who loves the classic red, this is the perfect bag. It will go with the white and black combination without a doubt and it will also go with other light shades like skin, and pink and definitely with certain brighter shades like aqua. This bag is broad, it is not too long and has small expansions. It also has a small handle which you could hang on your arm. Basically it is one of the must haves for every wardrobe, especially if you wear a lot of formal wear.

The Mcm Milla Tote

8. The Trademark Small Aubock

A brown bag for the women who have crossed their twenties. It is long and has a small handle and will fit everything you need to carry. It is a perfect fit for every outfit from jeans to trousers and pencil skirts. It even has a touch of golden at the top to add that slight shine. Small handles with a long body makes it easy to carry by just hanging it on your arm.

The Trademark Small Aubock

The above mentioned Elle bags are available in various online line stores as well. You can choose the best which suits your pocket and requirements.