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8 Best Yoga Poses To Tighten Skin

Health has become a major issue over recent years as the number of diseases has also increases alarmingly. Exercise helps us stay fit but demands a lot of physical effort. In addition, too much exercise resulting is weight loss makes our skin loose. In this case, the best option possible is what we call yoga. Yoga has become very popular in recent years due to its amazing results without any side effects. Here, I will list down certain yoga poses that will help tighten our skin that often tends to become loose after exercise.

Here Are The 8 Best Yoga Poses To Tighten Skin:

1. Downward Dog Pose

This pose in yoga has been claimed to be the most basic pose of yoga. It provides a number of benefits relating to health and wellbeing. It is a must addition to your daily routine. It gives us a relief from fatigue and for those people who sit for hours daily may find it the best option to reduce their back stiffness. It is very effective in tightening your loose skin.

2. Cobra Pose

Yoga has another great pose named cobra pose. It proves to be highly effective is pain relief and has the ability to strengthen the spinal cord by making the person more active and healthy. Its main area of focus is the chest as it helps it to open, kidney and the spine.

3. Upward Facing Dog Pose

As the name suggest, it is the opposite of the above mentioned downward pose. This pose is also a vital one. It can be the first choice of those people who remain eager to cut the cellulite in their thighs. As this pose mainly focuses on the abs, back and legs, issues relating to these can be easily tackled by carrying out this pose regularly.

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4. Plank Pose

This pose is not a regular one in terms of yoga, but it has been recently added and practiced. It help strengthen our body and muscles and gives an energetic feeling throughout.

5. Tree Pose

This pose is a good way out for abdominal and related pain or issues. It also provides extra balance to us and helps us stay on one leg for a lot of time. It includes putting our weight on one leg and then after following a few step, into the another leg and repeat. It is very good for maintaining balance of our body.

6. Sliding Table

This pose has been proven to be very effective in helping us for muscle contraction. In this, what is usually done is, shifting our body in a backward and forward direction. This results in the contraction of our abs and back.

7. Warrior Lunge Twist

This posture helps to stabilize your abdominals and the twisting feature of it engages those hard to tone obliques of our body. The method to carry this out is to stretch forward with your left leg and bend your knee by 90 degrees and along with certain other steps, we need to do the same for the other leg.

8. Bridge With Leg Sweep

This pose as the name suggests looks bridge like. Its useful for people who desire to sculpt their butt in addition to stabilization of your abdomen. This helps you control the motion of your leg.

9. Extended Boat Pose

This is a vital pose for those who aspire for a strong and healthy looking body. The steps in it are difficult to carry out but if able to accomplish, it is very effective. To do this, at first you need to sit on your hips, extending both your legs. After that you should place your hands behind your hips, lean back and lift your legs off.

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10. Lotus Hip Lift

When we see people carrying this out it seems a rather simple pose, but it has a static contraction to your core. The method of doing this is, at first, sit with your legs crossed and press your palms into the floor in such a way that you lift your body a little up from the ground. It is not that easy to accomplish but helps the body to gain stamina.

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