8 Chic Outfit Combinations To Try During Winter Season

Winter season brings a gust of wind along with it and it is incredibly important to go for certain outfits that can help you stay warm and also raise your fashion quotient. Most women struggle to select outfits during winter season because of the fact that it needs to be fashionable and also comfortable. But this task doesn’t have to be a daunting one. All you need is to opt for cozy outfits that will help you look chic all winter long. These tried and trendy outfit combinations are definitely worth a try to appear as a total fashion diva even when the weather around is harsh. Moreover, by going for these cozy outfits you don’t even have to compromise on the comfort level. So, here is the list of chic and elegant outfit combinations for winter season. Take a look.

Here Are The 8 Chic Outfit Combinations To Try During Winter Season:

1. T-Shirt With Bomber Jacket And Skinny Jeans

One look that has managed to earn some serious cred in the fashion community is pairing of a simple t-shirt with a bomber jacket and skinny jeans. This look is termed as the ultimate chic outfit that will keep you warm on a chilly day and also keep your fashion game on point. You can either go for a plain white t-shirt or even a printed one, the choice is completely yours to make. To finish the look, go for a pair of sneakers for a equal parts trendy and chic appearance.

2. Over-Sized Cardigan With A Floral Dress

This is undoubtedly one of the best all-time favorite looks that is often spotted on celebrities and supermodels. Mostly, because this look is effortless and elegant at the same time. Don a comfy over-sized knitwear with a pretty floral dress. This stellar combination will make you appear refreshing on a gloomy winter day.

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3. Cowl Neck Hoodie With Leggings

The fashionable cowl neck hoodie is a style classic that has been been making waves all over the fashion world. Be it the runway or the street, it is easy to spot the casual and uber chic cowl neck hoodie pretty much anywhere. And what better way to flaunt it than by pairing it with a pair of leggings. Opt for a cross-body bag and a baseball cap to look super cool during winter season.

4. Fur Coat With Maxi Dress

The ultimate outfit you must try for looking elegant and stylish during chilly winter days or nights is the combination of a flowing maxi dress with a fashionable fur coat. Trying this outfit will surely rejuvenate your entire fashion game. You’ve probably spotted celebrities donning this look on several occasions. This outfit combination will keep you warm from head to toe. To finish the look, stock up on bling accessories to shine through the gloomy days.

5. Sweater With Formal Shirt And Boyfriend Jeans

Another super incredible outfit that is loved by numerous women, that is worth trying is a sweater paired with a formal shirt and ripped boyfriend jeans. This outfit is totally worth your opting for, either for a after-work drinking session with office colleagues or for a trip to the local mall on a chilly winter day. Effortless and incredibly cool, this outfit will help you stay warm while looking fashionable.

6. Turtleneck Sweater With Midi-Length Skirt

Turtleneck sweaters are considered a must-own during winter season and they have ruled winter fashion for the past few decades. Sporting a turtleneck sweater with a midi-length skirt is a great way of ensuring that your fashion statement stays on point without having to compromise on the warmth factor. To make this look even better, try adding ankle-length boots and hat to the outfit to look ramp ready.

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7. Knitted Jumper Dress With Knee-Length Boots

This classic outfit combination is often included in the list of winter basics. Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and patterns, a knitted jumper dress is a wardrobe essential for all the right reasons. This winter outfit never goes out of style, mainly because it is elegant and ensures that you stay protected from the chilly winter winds.

8. Outerwear Vest With Skinny Jeans

The chilly winds of winter season should not stop you from enjoying the day and the best way to be able to do that is by staying warm. Pair an outerwear vest with a full-sleeve shirt or t-shirt and skinny jeans. To finish this warm look, sport a beanie and a pair of gloves. This great outfit combination will ensure you have a wonderful time, even in snow.

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