8 Cool Shirt Styles For Women

There is a general conception that when it comes to shirts, it should be kept aside for men. But thanks to formal outfit ideas, more and women are sporting shirts not only at work but for casual outings too. Here are some fun ideas to and styles that women can try out in shirts. You can experiment with them and pick one that suits your styles.

Here Are The 8 Cool Shirt Styles For Women:

1. Shirt Dresses

This is the most common and casual kind of shirts that you will see women donning around these days. It is a cool shirt that features a long length and is a mix between your casual boyfriend and a dress. It is worn with a belt and usually falls at the knees or slightly above.

2. Boyfriend Shirt

This is a cool take on the classic shirts that women wear but are looser on fit and kind of men’s shirts. But like boyfriend jeans, they are so in vogue and definitely stylish and comfortable. You can wear these with skinny jeans, leggings and even with a belt and some capris for a casual day out. These are created on the lines of tunics.

3. A-Line Shirts

Inspired by A-line dresses and a ideal for women with heavier bottoms, these A-line shirts are suited for both work and a casual day out. These are actually a mix between the classic tops and shirts and they are made with lace, satin and other similar materials that make you look wow.

4. Sleeveless Shirts

If you are thinking of a casual day at the beach or even something that is more suited for a beach party, then these are perfect. What you can do is wear them to work with a jacket on top and then simply take the jacket off when you are heading to the party. A cool and chic way to enjoy a sleeveless shirt.

5. Metal Studded Shirts

These are again ideal for women who like to party and dress things up without having to go for just tops. These are shirts that come studded with metals to up the style quotient. You would usually notice that these are have a lot of metal studs at the collars, buttons or even around the shoulders. They are perfect for a party or glamorous night out.

6. Bow Tie Shirts

Who said that it is only men who can don the tie? Thanks to these cool and elegant bow tie shirts women have something to really look forward to when it comes to upping the panache. As the name suggests, these actually have a bow tie, which is a part of the shirt. So it is not something that you have to keep or store separately. Just tie up the bow tie nicely and pick cute colours.

7. Classic Dress Shirt

This is the classic dress shirt that you can wear to work, sport with your casual trousers or even up it  up with formal pencil skirts. These come in stripes and more serious patterns to make them work appropriate.

8. Wrap Around Shirts

These are a cool take on the formal shirts and come in a wrap around pattern as the name suggests. But the beauty of these shirts is that you can wear them with all kinds of formal pants and skirts or even make it a little casual depending on your mood. These come in all kinds of patterns and styles including floral options.