8 Cool Style Tips You Can Try To Look Taller Than You Really Are

Heighted people have a completely different and adorable personality. Height and proper length makes the body look perfectly shaped and sculpted. Also with more height, you can look sleek and slim. Not everyone is blessed with amazing height and a perfect body but you can definitely create an amazing illusion of lengthy and stunning body by the way you dress up and style yourself. Clothing and accessories have a huge influence on your entire appearance. If you dress up and accessorize according to your height and weight, you can definitely look lengthier and sleet at a time.

Here Are Some Amazing And Tricky Style Tips Which You Can Use To Look More Lengthy And Tall:

1. Wear High Waist Bottoms

High waist bottoms are so much in trend nowadays. Everything from plazzos, pants, skirts, jeans etc is available in high waist patterns. High waist bottoms create an illusion of heavy length and make you look taller. These full length bottoms cover your waist line and makes you legs look lengthy and sleek. Avoid shorts and mid length bottoms if you want to make yourself look taller.

2. Wear Long Maxi Skirts And Gowns

Lengthy clothes make you look lengthier. This straightly goes with the amazing long gowns and maxi dresses. Especially if you have a slim body, these gowns and dresses would make you look taller and stunning. Floor length dresses always enhances body shape and makes you appear slim and tall. Especially the A- line dresses and the straight cut dresses contribute a lot in making a person look tall and beautiful. Try amazing and rich long gowns and look stunning!

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3. Wear Long Sleeved And Skin Fit Jackets

Jackets can never go out of fashion. Leather jackets especially are gorgeous and trendy. If you have a heavy and smaller body, leather jackets can help you in looking long and slim. Select the prefect fitted jackets with long sleeves. This would hide the chubby and bulky portions of your body making you look taller and lighter. Complement these jackets with amazing denims and narrow pants.

4. Wear Belts

Belts make your body look in shape and give a perfect fit. Especially in the high waist bottoms, frocks and long dresses, the belts makes your wais look perfectly sculpted and slim. Loose clothes would make you look bulky and shorter while dresses with belt and fittings will enhance your body shape and will make you appear long and graceful. Try this amazing trick to look taller and attractive.

5. Wear Black And Dark Colored Attires

Black color is the king of colors when it comes to looking slim long and gorgeous. People swear on this trick to look tall and gorgeous. Black is the color which makes you look extremely slim and perfectly shaped which in turn makes you look tall and smarter. Anything from black gowns to black denims would enhance your height and would make you look super stunning. You can also experiment with colors like dark blue, maroon, brown, red etc for looking taller than your actual length.

6. Select Appropriate Footwear

High heels contribute a lot in making you look longer and gorgeous. The markets are full with various patterned and designed high heels. This is the only promising idea which will surely make you look extra long and slim. The heels provide an amazing shape and length to the body which enhances the entire look. If you want to look lengthy and slimmer instantly, try wearing amazing high heels and you would look super stylish and glamorous.

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7. Try Buns And Updo’s

Believe it or not, the amazing buns and hair updo’s contribute a lot in making you look lengthier. Updo’s enhances the length of your body while making you look a bit long and slimmer too. Not only hair updo’s make you face perfectly chiseled but also they provide you a lengthy and stunning look. Hair tied upwards adds into the length of your body which will in turn; make you appear taller than your actual height. Try various messy and stunning updo’s which are rocking the ramps nowadays.

8. Wear Long V Neck Dresses And Carry

Neck patterns definitely affects the length and the appearance of your body. Long V neck dresses look stunning and makes you look taller and skinnier. V necks with long sleeves enhances your bust line and hides your heavy and bulky parts. This would make you look skinny and tall. Try various v neck formals, t shirts and dresses and look absolutely admirable.

The above mentioned styling tips will surely help you in looking tall and elegant. Try them out and see the difference.

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