8 Cross Over Step Exercises For Toning Thighs

Beauty in women is spread across every part of the body. While some have beautiful face, some influence beauty through their curvaceous structure. Some women create an impact through a well maintained upper body while some look invitingly attractive thighs. Well maintained thighs look so alluring particularly in tall women who are slim or medium built. Particularly when the inner thighs are tight and does not sag, the firmness makes the thighs charming. Firm thighs make the woman look taller too. It is easy to get such good looking thighs when exercises for the same are done on a regular basis. One needs to ascertain their goals towards their thighs before getting in to exercising right away. Here we present 8 cross over step exercises for toning the thighs. These exercises strengthen and tone the thighs making them attractive and good looking.

Here Are The 8 Cross Over Step Exercises For Toning Thighs:

1. Basic Cross Over Step Exercise

Have a safe heightened structure on which you can climb without any support by your side. Take two dumbbells one on each hand. Stand straight. When you stand with your left leg near the heightened surface cross your right leg over the left leg and climb over the heightened surface. While getting down, climb down crossing the leg at the farther end over the leg in the outer end and get down. Repeat as many times as possible to tone the hind thighs.

Basic cross over step exercise

2. High Kick Cross Over Exercise

Standing firm on one leg, raise the other leg kicking as high as possible. While lowering the kicking leg, stretch is completely crossing across the standing leg. While as it is this is a simple and effective exercise to lose the cellulite retained in the body, is also helps remove the stretch marks in the thigh and related areas. Doing this exercise with dumbbells in hand makes it intensive while the effectiveness is also high.

High Kick Cross over exercise

3. Side Kick Cross Over Exercise

Standing firm on one leg, raise the other leg to the height till it is parallel to the floor. Cross it over the balancing leg and land properly. This sidekick form tones the muscles in both the inner and outer sides of the thighs toning the thighs in an overall manner. Ensure the balancing leg is firmly placed on the floor so the lifting leg gets proper support to lift to the maximum height.

Side Kick Cross Over exercise

4. Cross Over High Knees Exercise

Stand firm on your left leg. Lift your right leg and touch the left breast. Bring it down. Repeat the movement with the right leg. Practice this exercise in slow speed and as you get the grip of the movement, increase the speed so it acts as a good cardio workout. This exercise not only tones your thighs but also focuses in toning the entire upper body including the hips.

Cross Over high knees exercise

5. Donkey Kick Cross Over Exercise

This exercise is done by balancing yourself in a lying down position upside down. Place both your palms on the mat and lift the front portion of your body to the height where your hands are fully stretched. Balancing on your palms and left knees and toes on the ground, lift and stretch your right leg fully. Bring down the leg and repeat with the opposite leg. Doing this as many times as possible tones your thighs, frontal muscles and butt.

Donkey Kick cross over exercise

6. Twist Cross Over Exercise

Lay down flat on your back on a mat. Bend both your knees. Holding both your hands behind the head, cross left leg over the right leg in the bent position and twist your whole body towards your left. When you cross the right leg over the left leg, twist your whole body to your right. Repeat this as many times as possible to tone the upper body, thighs and hips.

Twist cross over exercise

7. Criss Cross Exercise

This is a variation of the Twist cross over exercise. Lying down on the floor with hands clenched behind your head, have both the legs in a raised stretched position in the air. Bend the left leg while the right leg is still in the air and twist your body towards your left. Slowly get back to position and repeat with the right leg. This exercise tones the thigh and abdomen muscles.

Criss cross exercise

8. Cross Over Taps Exercise

This is a mild variation from the criss cross exercise. While everything else is the same as is mentioned in the Criss Cross exercise, while lifting one of the legs, tap on the other knee in a lifted position and continue stretching the leg. This gives that extra pressure and so toning of the thigh as well as abdominal muscles is more effective.

Cross over taps exercise