8 Dazzling Glitter Hairstyles For Women

Holidays are coming with lots of parties and outing. This celebration time will not work with simple hairstyle. The hair must look gorgeous, attractive and appropriate to the occasion. We often get confused about our hairstyle when we are going to parties. Sparkling twist is essential for styling the hair. So, you can adopt shiny glitter hairstyle to rock the celebration in this holiday season.

We have selected some extraordinary glitter hairstyle that can make your special moments more special. Let’s have a look.

Below Are The 8 Dazzling Glitter Hairstyles For Women:

1. Rainbow Glitter On Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid is a popular hairstyle among women. If your hair is coloured with burgundy and black it will be more attractive. No matter if your fishtail is not perfect. Your next glitter effect will make up all the damage. Time of the twist, add rainbow glitters on your braid to make it exceptionally beautiful. Apply all glitters of silver, green, purple, golden, red and blue. You are ready for heading any party to rock. Remember not to apply the glitters on your braid tail.

2. Glitter Roots With Buns

When you are heading for any carnival or rock concerts you should think about something stunning. This hairstyle has been around for a few years, but you can adopt it gloriously. Tie two buns on both of your sides and apply glitter on the root. Choose the glitter colour matching with your dress. In fact, if you are going for dancing you can also do this trendy hairstyle. Your buns can be in purple colour or green or elective blue colour. The colour and root glitter both will do an extraordinary magic to the hairstyle.

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3. Glitter With High Bun

The hairstyle is perfect, bold and striking. Tie a bun on the top of your head. If you have brown hair colour then sprinkle some bronze coloured glitter flakes on your back of the hair. Don’t apply the glitter flakes to the locks, because it is only for the base. You are ready to rock any kind of occasion. We will suggest adding glitters according to the hair colour. Like if your hair colour is black then sprinkle black or blue glitters.

4. Glitter Ponytail

This hairstyle is the perfect example of how the glitter effect can transform your simple hairstyle into something striking. Tie a high pony with all your hair. Now sprinkle some silver or golden glitter on the end of the ponytail. When your pony will flow it will look chic and outstanding. You are ready for any party or carnival or some special occasion. You just need to wear something that will team up with the hairstyle.

5. Glitter Effect On High Bun

Tie a high bun and spray rainbow style glitter on your bun to make it magnificent. Don’t use the glitter spray to other parts of the hair. Here in this hairstyle the highlighted part is the bun. You can wear any nice dress with this hairstyle. Your hairstyle will attract every one’s gaze instantly. You will be in the limelight of the party.

6. Glitter With Side Cornbraid

Create two side braids on one side and brush the other side of the hair. The braids need to be tight and rocking. Start the braids from the front and do it according to the length of the hair. Now apply the silver glitter on the braids. Don’t apply it on any other part of the hair to make it more beautiful. The sleek braids will look attractive and stunning with any outfit. You can attend any happening occasions with this nice hairstyle. Silver glitter on cornbraid will look lovely and gorgeous. In fact, you can use a spray or brush to apply the glitter.

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7. Glitter In Straight Hair

If your hair is straight then it is already stylish. But if you want to add some more gorgeous effect then add glitter to your hair. You can apply the glitter with sprinkles or just apply it with a brush. The glitter will complement the straight hair by adding a new striking texture to it. Don’t use the glitter everywhere on the head. Put some more glitter on your ends and front area, and in the middle make it light. You can also highlight your hair with glitter.

8. Purple Hair With Glitter Root

Create an artistic change in your hairstyle by colouring and glitter effect. You can dye the hair in bright purple colour and spray the glitter in purple colour on the root. The hairstyle will instantly hit the occasion. You can try it with other colours too. But we chose something unusual.

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