8 Easy Exercises To Lose Inches From Waist In 3 Months

Most of the people prefer diet control to shape up the waist. Diet control can’t give you proper shape. It guards you from adding more fat in your body. When you decide to trim the waist, you have to do exercises. It needs lots of dedication and hard work. When you have a plan to lose more in a certain time period then you have to do more effective exercises. Today, we are going to discuss on those exercises which are effective and help to get max benefit.

Below Are The 8 Easy Exercises To Lose Inches From Waist In 3 Months:

1. Squats

The squat is an excellent choice for shaping up your waist. It helps to tone your waist in a much better way. Stand straight in the gap between two legs. The legs should be wide open. Hold at least 4 pound weights in two hands. Now lower the body to come into the squat. At this time forward your arms. Give a pressure on your waist, legs and hands. Stay in squat position for a minute and then repeat this at least 20 times. The squat is an excellent exercise for shaping up your waist.

Dumbbell Squats

2. Lunges

Practice lunges after squats because it helps a lot to trim the waist. Start your lunges by standing straight with a wide open gap between the legs. Hold three pounds weights in each hand. Forward your right knee and bent your back and front knees. But remember don’t touch the floor with the back knee. Your front knee bent should be at 90 degree angle. Then lift your arms in front. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then repeat.


3. T-Balance With Arm Raise

This is another effective exercise that you can do daily. Stand straight with feet together and hold two three pounds dumbbell in both hands. Now bend your upper body in front. Keep your arms straight towards the floor. Now slowly lift and stretch your arms beside you and expand your left leg in back. At this moment your head, neck, torso and left leg will be straight and in a straight line. Stay in this position and then do the same with the right leg. Repeat this 30 times.


4. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic is a good way to lose inches from waist. It helps you to do all over body movement to burn fat. You can do aerobic exercises daily. It will freshen up your mind and body. Running, swimming, rowing, bicycling are few aerobics workout that you can practice. But when you are determined to shape up your body and then just practice twists, crunches, bends and core exercises.


5. Side Bends

Side bend is another very effective exercise that you have to do with aerobics. Practice it daily beside aerobic exercises for 30 minutes. Stand straight with shoulder-width gap between two legs. Put your one hand on your hip and hold a dumbbell in another hand. Now slowly bend at the side to let the weight toward the floor. Don’t move your hip and let your waist to create the tension. Then switch the sides.


6. Bicycle Crunches

This exercise helps to tone your stomach, waist and legs. Practise bicycle crunches for 20 to 30 repetitions. Lie down on the floor on your back with knees bent. Place your hands behind the head. Now lift your legs in table top position with bent knees. Raise your upper body in a crunch and twist the waist. Bring your elbow to the opposite side knee. Expand the other leg straight. Do the same with the other side.

Bicycle crunches

7. Waist Crunches

This exercise is good for reducing abdominal fat, and tone up side muscles. Lie down on the floor with bent knees and place hands behind the head. Now bend to your side by twisting your waist place your legs on another side. But keep your upper body straight for better crunch. Repeat it 30 times and then switch the side. It will create a pressure on your waist that will help you to trim the waist.


8. Waist Twists

Waist twists are great for strengthening the stomach muscles. Lie down on the floor. Place knees in table top position and palms on the floor. Keep your upper body straight and slowly lower legs to one side try to touch the floor by twisting the waist. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then come to the table top position. Do the same with the other side. Do 30 repetitions. Practice this exercise daily to get better results. In fact, do it after aerobic exercises.


Try the above mentioned exercises and see the difference in you lifestyle.