8 Easy To Use Tools To Apply Your Eyeliner Perfectly

A beauty of a woman is in her eyes – everyone would agree with this quote as eyes are the most attractive part of women. Women also leave no stone turned to beautify their eyes and make them more appealing and eyeliner is basic eye makeup worn by most women to enhance the look of their eyes. Once you master the art, eyeliner application would be a cakewalk. At the same time, for a novice, it is quite a challenge to get that line perfectly. So, help the newbies get the eyeliner right with no mess, we have listed a few useful tools. Next time when you apply eyeliner make sure you make use of these tools and get the job done like a pro.

Here Are The 8 Tools to Apply Your Eyeliner Perfectly:

1. Pointed Brush

Using a brush with a definite end, pointed brush, helps draw thin and neat line. Even if you want a thick line, a pointed brush would be useful to apply as many coats or layers as you want without creating a mess. In addition, these brushes reduce the chances of contamination.

2. Cotton Swab

Cotton swab is an excellent tool when it comes to applying eyeliner perfectly as a beginner. Especially, when you have made a mistake while applying eyeliner, cotton swabs can be helpful in fixing those. Soak a cotton swab in makeup remover and clean up the line if it gets messy and redraw it.

3. Cello Tape

To win the challenging task of applying eyeliner flawlessly, cello tape can be a great aid, especially when you have just started learning the art. Particularly, when you are attempting the winged eyes, the tape can be used to get the angle on the outer corner like a pro.

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4. Eye Pencil

Eye pencils which are similar to markers are available in abundance in the market. These are easy to use and draw perfect lines that look like a professional due to their design. Instead of the liquid or gel and messing up with your look, pick an eye pencil or pen and give your eyes and intense makeover effortlessly.

5. Lighter

When you want to apply thicker eyeliner and suddenly find that you only have pencil and no gel, then a lighter can be helpful in creating your own gel eyeliner instantly. Heat the pencil tip using lighter and apply it using a small brush to create as much thick line as you desire.

6. Stencils

The eyeliner stencils are flexible tool that can be used to create perfect top and bottom liner, cat eyeliner, winged eyeliner etc. The stencils available in the market easily fits any eye size and eye shape and you can achieve a stunning look in just few steps. Moreover, the stencils can be used with any eyeshadow, cream, liquid or gel liner. You can get professional results effortlessly with this tool.

7. Angled Eye Brush

This tool can be used for tracing a winged liner along the upper lashes. You need to hold it like a pencil at the bottom of the brush, as it improves stability. Avoid holding the brush close to its bristles. This technique of holding will make it easier to make lighter strokes and you have more control on the tool. So, you don’t have to worry about applying excessive pressure that ends up with jagged lines, which is difficult to clean.

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8. Cat Eye Stamps

You need to have practice and skill to create a perfect cat eye without messing it up. It is difficult to get consistent results, as it needs, precision, un-shaky hands, focus and a good liquid liner. Moreover, you need to pick the right flick that suits your eye shape. Among the several products and hacks available today, cat-eye stamps are the foolproof tool to create that perfect cat-eye in a jiffy. It is basically a rubber stamp in the shape of a wing that uses liquid liner.

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