8 Exercises For Toned Glutes

The definition of fitness has changed along with time. Previously people emphasized on body workouts but nowadays people want each and every body part to be beautifully toned and sculpted. The fitness freaks come up with variety of workout routines which provides special exercise sessions for each body part. Glutes and butt exercises are the new in trend workouts that are desirable everybody. Here are some amazing glute and butt toning exercises for the people want to flaunt their toned glutes.

Below Are The 8 Exercises For Toned Glutes:

1. Sun Salutations

This series of exercises is extremely beneficial in toning and sculpting the entire body. There are 14 salutation positions with each repetition of which, different body parts are affected and toned. These positions emphasizes strictly on stretching and perfecting the art of accurate positioning while exercising. The various stretches lift the butts and tones the glutes. Thus if you want tighter and toned glutes, practice 8-10 repetitions of sun salutations every day.

Sun salutations

2. Lunges

Lunges are very well known for the toning and strength it provides to the lower body. This exercise gives a tighter stretch to the glutes while giving a perfect shape to the glutes. For this exercise, you need stand straight and then bend your knees creating a perfect 90 degree angle. You can smoothly come up or can jump up swinging to create more efforts. This workout would strengthen your lower body while sculpting your glutes in a best possible shape. Include this workout in your routine and witness the difference.


3. Plie

The plie exercises are used widely for the Brazilian butts and for toning the glutes. This workout gets pressure on the butts and the lower body making them more strong and toned. For this exercise, stand with wide feet; spread your arms tightly forward. Now bend a bit into a squat position while keeping your back completely straight. With every repetition lower down a bit more than the previous time. Repeat this exercise for beautifully tones glutes.


4. Dumbbell Squats

Squats are the best workout options if you want to tone your lower body and the glutes. Squats provide strength and developed muscles of the lower body; the ladies consider squats especially for lifting the butt and sculpting the glutes. Carrying some dumbbell weight while doing squats will give some more powerful results. Stand in a regular squat position with feet apart. Carry dumbbells in both hands as per your capacity of lifting weight. Bend down as if you were to sit on a chair and poise. Stay in the position for fewer seconds and the come up to the original position. Continue to repeat this exercise for 10-12 times for better results.

Dumbbell Squats

5. Glute Bridges With Dumbbells

Bridges are performed by the people wanting amazingly lifted and enhanced butts and glutes. This workout provides tighter and stronger glute muscles. You can use dumbbells for adding some weight on the abdomen which will apply pressure on your lower body and glutes while strengthening the glute muscles.

Glute Bridges with dumbbells

6. Forward Single Leg Raises

Leg raises are also considered as one of the best exercises that result into better toned and lifted butts and tighter glutes. The leg raises can be done within many variations like side raises, front raises, etc. For performing leg raises, stand straight and inhale. Raise your right leg in the upward direction and stretch he leg until you can hold the balance. Point your toes sharp in the outward direction. Hold on the position for some seconds and then get down back into the original position. This exercise needs high stretching that provides tightening of the glute muscles.

Forward single leg raises

7. Step Ups

Step ups are the workouts that give intense pressure and strength on your legs and butts. This is a very useful exercise if you are specifically looking for strong lower body and toned glutes. For this exercise, stand straight beside the stairs or get a table or stool that does not exceed the height of your knees. Lift your left leg and stand on the table as if you are going to climb the stair. Keep the leg on the table stand and immediately get down from the table. Perform this exercise for each leg for around 15-20 times for better results. Speed up when you get good with this exercise. This would allow tightening of the glute muscles and strengthening of the lower body and butt.

Step Ups

8. Heel Sky Raise

Heel sky raises are also beneficial for tightening the lower body muscles as the other exercises like squats, plies and lunges. You would need a more stretch over your feet and that would also apply some pressure over the butt and glutes. This would help in toning your complete body and especially the glutes.

Heel sky raise