8 Exercises To Sculpt A Flatter, Firmer Belly Using Hand Weights

A stunning and firmer belly is something which everyone dreams of! Sometimes when we lose weight, the skin of the stomach becomes saggy and loose. The weight loss would not get you that desirable result and leave you with saggy, loose and undesirable skin. Along with losing weight, you must try some workouts which can tighten your belly skin and get it more firm. Hand weights are one of the possible workouts which you can use for complete belly shaping solution. If you always have been dreaming about a beautifully shaped and tighter belly, here are some awesome belly sculpting workouts which you can performer with hand weights and get cool results.

Try These Redefining Workouts And Fall In Love With Your Body!

1. Overhead Press:

Dumbbell overhead presses can have a great impact on the belly too. This cool workout would get amazing results on the belly and the upper body while making it beautifully toned! If you want more effective results while losing belly fat, perform the overhead presses to tighten the saggy skin around the belly and sides. This workout would get some pressure on the upper body and abdomen while sharpening the skin and making it tighter.

Overhead Press

2. Leg Side Bends With Dumbbells:

Just as the leg raises are awesome for the belly, you can try a stunning and more thrilling variation of the leg raises to make your belly tight, flat and firmer! If you want to lose the belly fat and want to make it sharp, you can try this variation of side leg raise and get beautiful shape for your belly! Get some dumbbells between your both legs, compress your legs and rise the upwards. Now bend the legs in left side applying pressure on the sides and abs. this amazing workout would tone your sides, belly, core and get you a flawless body!

Leg Side Bends With Dumbbells

3. Leg Lifts With Dumbbells:

Lower an upper leg lifts would directly affect your belly and show great results. If you want a tight and toned belly, try the leg lifts with dumbbells and add more value to your workout. Dumbbells would apply pressure on your abs, on your sides and tighten the skin. You must perform leg lifts daily with dumbbells if you want a firmer and adorable belly! This is one of the most high impact workouts!

Leg Lifts With Dumbbells

4. Dumbbell Crunches:

If we consider, crunches are one of the most effective and high impact workouts which can sharpen your belly and make it tighter day by day. Crunches would simply work immensely on your abs, belly, sides and entire core area making it chiseled. If you want a perfectly toned body with cool shape and a desirable tightness, you can try dumbbells crunches for crisp and cool belly!

Dumbbell Crunches

5. Squats With Dumbbells:

Squats are multi benefit workouts which has numerous benefits from belly shaping to thigh toning. If you want a miraculous transformation of your belly and thighs, this is the workout which you need to consider! Squats simply banishes the saggy and lose skin while making it sharp, glorious and beautifully toned. For toned body and fat free belly, try including dumbbell squats in your workout regime and you would love your body with amazing results!

Squats With Dumbbells

6. Russian Twists With Dumbbells:

If you love the Russian twists, here is a cool variation of Russian twists which can get you amazing body. Russian twists would work as a reshaping agent which can tighten your belly and make your waist look adorable! For a high impact workout, you can use dumbbells which can enhance the impact of the workout and make your belly tighter with each step! Russian twists would simply make the sides, abs and middle body stronger, flatter and tighter. Include this amazing workout in your regime for dazzling effects!

Russian Twists With Dumbbells

7. Side Rotations:

Seated side rotations would get you amazing results on your belly and tighten your skin. Sitting in the regular position while bending a little on the back and with your knees bent, you can perform the cool dumbbell rotations which can make your sides and belly tighter. These rotations would shape your belly in a redefining way with all the fat gone in few days!

Side Rotations

8. Plank Pull With Dumbbell:

Planks are amazing high impact workouts which can tighten various parts of the body such as the arms, belly, legs and hips. If you just don’t want to limit your workouts for weight loss and require tight and firm belly, this is the workout which would never disappoint you. Plank pull with dumbbell would simply strength n your belly and built adorable abs in few days!

Plank Pull With Dumbbell