8 Fashionable Jeans Styles To Suit Your Body Type

When it comes to buying jeans, there are endless brand options out there that promise to fit you like a glove. But women often forget that there is really no way to generalise or standardise your denims or jeans. There are some women who swear by a particular brand and there are some women who are unable to get the right pair anywhere. But the rule of thumb here is trying them on nevertheless just to be sure. So here are some jean types that you can flaunt.

Here Are The 8 Fashionable Jeans Styles To Suit Your Body Type:

1. Straight Cut Jeans

This is ideal for women who tend to have a pear shaped body or a little heavier on the top. Also, it is quite complimentary for the body of women who are apple shaped. As the name suggests, this is a pair of jeans has a straight fit so it kinds of goes very well with almost all clothing. But remember that most straight jeans are really curvy around the hips so this might not be a good choice for the women who have have very flat hips.

Straight Cut Jeans

2. Skinny Jeans

These are ideal for those women who have hour glass figures. So basically women who are leaner and slimmer can flaunt this. Also known as slim-fit jeans, they usually come in complete stretch and do fit you just snug. So if you are looking for something that gives you a bit of room – this is not the one. It really works very well for formal outings because of the skinny fit.

Skinny jeans

3. BootCut Jeans

These are jeans that are essentially made for women who tend have heavier bottoms. What happens here is that the boot cut kind of adds a flare to your lower body, which makes it appear much slimmer and thinner. So if you are heavier on the bottom, this is the perfect pair for you.

BootCut Jeans

4. Palazzo Jeans

A new style that is really picked up this season are the hot palazzos. Available in jean versions too, you can easily get a style that matches your silhouette. It is meant to be worn by taller women as it adds to height. If you are short, don’t worry just don them with heels.

Palazzo Jeans

5. Straight-Slim or Slim

This is also a new additional line in the slim fit range, which is mad for curvier women. Basically the jeans in the straight-slim category. Unlike skinny jeans, they have a little more straighter finish on the bottom with slightly bigger waists and are available in non-stretch versions too.

Straight-Slim or Slim

6. High Waist Jeans

Anyone who has given birth recently or has a problem with stomach wiggle should don high waist jeans. The benefit here is that you are able to shield that excess flat under the high waist and sport the crop top. However, if you are rounder around the waist and hips too, you might have trouble slipping on the right size. It is ideally for apple shaped women.

High Waist Jeans

7. Mid Rise Jeans

This is ideal for women who are rounder around the stomach and the hips too because it supports the waist without riding high up and making your hips look bigger than usual. Available in both stretch and non stretch, you can pick different cuts like straight or flared to suit your body.

Mid Rise Jeans

8. Low Rise Jeans

It is ideal for the women who have abs that they want to flaunt without worrying about skin showing through. Basically low rise jeans are for women who are on the petite side and slim on the whole.

Low Rise Jeans