Here are the cutest Ripped Jeans Outfit Ideas! Confused what to wear with ripped jeans, check out this article!

Jeans on the whole are considered to be a very casual piece of clothing.

A lot of people don’t really appreciate wearing these jeans to formal occasions. And ripped jeans give a more casual appeal.

However, fashion divas today are now focusing on taking things a little differently and dressing up these jeans.

Once dressed up, you can wear them for semi-formal occasions as you go clubbing and partying.

Ripped Jeans Outfit Ideas 2022

1. Ripped Jeans With A Statement Necklace

ripped jeans outfit ideas
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If you like to keep things simple then one of the best ways to dress up these casual jeans would be with a statement necklace.

All that you have to do here is wear a simple top and carry it with a chunky necklace. Think of something that is bold and yet fashionable.

You can think of adding multiple layers of necklaces too as per your style.

2. Cosy Sweater With Ripped Jeans

how to wear ripped jeans
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You can keep things simple and yet accentuate your formal look with a dressy sweater. There is nothing much to do here.

Pick a sweater shade that is neutral and tends to compliment your formal purpose. It could be a regular or casual meeting with a client or heading out to meet some friends post college.

The sweater would keep you warm while the ripped denims reflect your personal style.

3. Classic White Shirt

how to ripped outfits
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A lot of things may be used for dressing up the ripped jeans but what really adds that wow factor here is that casual and breezy white shirt.

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What makes the look work is that with a white shirt, you don’t have to do much. You can don it at a party or even for a day out with your friends.

It immediately dresses up your style. A cool pair of sandals is enough to keep you going through the day.

4. Lace Top And Black Ripped Jeans

 ripped jeans outfits 2022
Source: Instagram@cnkcloset

The other easier alternative to spruce up your outfit would be through a simple lace top and smart clutch.

These augment the more formal look and also add finesse to your casual outfit. Besides all of this, you can also add a jacket on top.

5. Flowy Off Shoulder Tops With Ripped Jeans

what tops to wear with ripped jeans
Source: Instagram@lavishcouturefashion

Think of casual tops that are a flowy shape to accentuate or highlight your causal sense of dressing. For example, you can think of considering tops with bohemian sleeves of casual draped sleeves.

These help in adding a more formal look to the entire outfit and dress-up your ripped jeans without trying too hard.

6. Ripped Jeans With Bright, Oversized Blazer

what to wear with ripped jeans
Source: Instagram@kose.glucann

Take a cue from this fashion icon who knows how to take things on a more formal note when it comes to ripped jeans.

She totally knocks out the causal affair by pairing her ripped jeans with a gorgeous white crop top.

You can also add a belt here and with the clutch in her hand and those awesome sneaker shoes, she’s ready for business.

7. Layered Formal

are ripped jeans too casual

Formal layers with a printed top and a shrug or a jacket takes the ripped jeans from just being a casual affair to something more formal.

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In this reference, it is suggested that you don a darker shade of jeans here. Pair it up with a printed top and a dressy shrug to look wow.

8. Cropped Top With Ripped Flared Jeans

ripped flared jeans outfit ideas
Source: Instagram@perfectcool_

Think of a simple cropped top that helps to define your midriff and also looks chic. A black top works the best here.

You can further style it with a cute hat and a jacket to finish off the look. And don’t forget the boots.

FAQs About Ways To Style Ripped Jeans

How do I make my ripped jeans look classy?

The easiest way to make your ripped jeans look classy is to get a pair of jeans that is less distressed. You can opt for a plain blue jeans with just thin cuts at your knees instead of the patchy, frayed and cut ones. Also, the type of top you wear can add a layer of sophistication on the ripped jeans. If you want to look more classy you can wear a silk blouse, a full-sleeved lace top, a plain button down shirt, or anything in the range of semi-formal to formal upper wear.

What To Wear With Ripped Jeans: A Summary

Ripped jeans are a classic. A few years ago these styles of jeans would be considered very alternative and punk, but now it’s a very mainstream style.

I think these styles of jeans are very versatile as you can have very slight distress on jeans or very heavy rips and cuts.

So according to this you can style ripped jeans in aesthetics ranging from semi-formal to very casual and party styles.

A great way to style ripped jeans is to pick a top according to the occasion (crop tops for parties, blouses for something more classy and t-shirts for casual outings) and then picking out accessories and shoes according to that.

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