8 Flared Jeans That Flatter Every Body Type

The evolution of dresses has an interesting background. From dresses that were purely traditional the current day modern dresses and designs have come all the way over five to six decades now. The influence of western culture is the first and foremost reason for the evolution of many fusion dresses with a mix of Indo western culture. One such dress that is Indo western as well as absolute comfort to wear is the much in vogue Jeans. Wearing jeans has become a part of life. The younger generation, in particular, feel so comfortable wearing jeans for all purposes that the types and models had to be more in jeans. The sturdiness of jeans has now accommodated elegant exposure of curvatures with the various kinds of choices available in the model.

Here Are Some Jeans Types That Are Flared Capable Of Flattering Everybody:

1. Pear Shaped Jeans

Wearing Pear shaped jeans means balancing out the figure by combining bootleg cut and streamlining the hips. This type of jeans also solves the problem that comes in between a small waist and the jeans. Pear shaped jeans cuts this gap between the jeans and the waist while not meddling with the shape that a thin waist offers.

2. Straight Shaped Jeans

People who lack curves and are thin and straight must go in for straight shaped jeans. The sexy manner in which it is cut will make the portions which need to be emphasized in a glamorous manner. Such straight shaped jeans make the structure look wider than normal through the whiskered effect plugged in the model.

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3. Apple Shaped Jeans

Some women may have a broad tummy but slimmer pins to taunt. Going in for a high rise hip jeans will help hide the tummy only exhibiting the slender part of the waist. High rise jeans will also show you tall making the broad tummy irrelevant.

4. Petite Jeans

Young slim girls can wear this type of jeans and flaunt their trim looks. However, not every size will suit everyone and choices have to be made from the various options available. These mild curve skinnies and the legging jeans with gaps avoids adding bulk while accentuating the curves.

5. Athletic Jeans

For women having an athletic type body with muscular thighs and calves, long and lean jeans will make them look muscular. Accentuating the waist, this type of jeans makes women look sexy and strong.

6. Modern Boot Cut Jeans

Offsetting the broad hips, the high rise jeans model is cut in a manner to mimic the exact size of the waist. This means there exist no gap between the waist and the jeans giving it a chic look. Pockets in the rear are closely stitched to project the booty less bulky.

7. Skinny Jeans

This type of jeans is more suitable for girls who want to flaunt their lean calves and narrow waistline. Being skinny, this type of jeans makes the wearer look tall and lean. This type of skinny jeans is body hugging and sticks to the body exposing its curves in a perfect manner.

8. Regular Relaxed Fit Jeans

Women who are medium built and have a standard structure without being very slim and straight or much curvature can wear this type of regular fit jeans. This type of jeans is neither too tight nor loose but fits in the body in a relaxing manner.

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