8 Forms Of Exercises That Help Women Lose Weight

Women can lose weight with exercises, if they are doing it the right way. One problem women often face is that they don’t combine there might kinds of exercises together. Either there is too much focus on cardio or do the exercises in the wrong way. Here are some exercise forms that should be incorporated correctly in to your work out. You can do this 30-40 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week for best results.

Here Are The 8 Forms Of Exercises That Help Women Lose Weight:

1. Warm Up Exercises

The first mistake women make here is not dong warm up before exercising. Not doing so means that your muscles are not warmed up enough and so you are unable to bring yourself to pushing too much. This includes shoulder and arm rotations, leg rotations, light squats, twists, etc. which warm up the muscles and gear you up for high intensity moves.

2. Cardiovascular Exercises

A crucial element of weight loss for women, especially pear shaped ones is cardio exercises. Basically it is a form of aerobic exercise that is known for boosting your heart rate and get it pumped up. So you can do standing jogging, high knees, jumping jacks and other similar forms of exercises. On the whole, you should do at least 10-20 minutes of cardio a day. You can do running up and down the stairs or any other form of cardio that you prefer. Also, you can do 1 minute of cardio and then some conditioning in between too.

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3. Strength Training Exercises

Women often shy away from strength training because they feel that they would build up a bulk of muscle, which would make them look manly. But the truth is that you are never really going to just lose weight with cardio. Yes, you will lose some kilos initially but your skin would sag and waggle because your muscles need to build up. Strength training exercises include using light dumbbells with more of repetitions. This helps you in getting lean muscles. Think of doing at least 10 minutes of strength training a day.

4. Freehand Exercises

You can also use your own body weight for doing the same and this actually includes some strength training moves. So think of pushups, planks, etc. which use your body weight for toning up. The benefit here is that since you are using your own body weight, you are working on double the muscles at the same time, which means more of calorie loss and it melts fat too. Freehand exercises can be combined with cardio too like high kicks, side kicks, squats and other ways to tone up both the upper and lower body.

5. Yoga and Stretching

Yoga is a form of exercise that also makes the most of stretching. Hence, you don’t really need to any separate stretching. Ideally, many people believe that yoga is actually meant just for a cool down session, which is not true. Yes you can use yoga to cool down but it is also a complete workout on its own. In fact, if you are having you periods or suffer from some kind of injury, then yoga is the best way to exercise and keep your body toned. Think of poses like sun salutation, bow pose, tree pose, etc. which are specially formulated to work on different muscles of the woman’s body. You can do a full 40 minute yoga session on alternate days when you are not combining other forms of exercises.

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6. Pilates

This is a crucial exercise form for all women because it helps you in working on the core muscles of the body. Pilates is an exercise form that uses some cardio but mainly focusses on the core, so you feel that your abs are engaged a lot more along with other muscle groups. Remember, weight loss with Pilates is gradual, but it helps in building up stamina and endurance, which enables you to do a lot more. Think of Pilate poses like ab twists, 100, roll ups, etc.

7. Anaerobic Exercises And Weight Training

Weight training in moderation is the ideal way to work and pump up those muscles. Here you make use of gym machines or heavier weights as compared to ones mentioned earlier. But this should be done only after you have come to an advanced stage. Heavier weights should be done for lesser reps and work on your arms, shoulders, back and even legs.

8. Stability and Flexibility Exercises

As the name suggests, these exercises push yoga and pilates to the next level, often combining both. So though they are popular as cool down versions, women benefit with these because it helps stretching muscles and holding postures, thus receiving soar muscles after a workout.

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