8 Gorgegous Asymmetric Cut For Women

Women have always been blessed with numerous amounts of hairstyles and short hair (for example bob cut) is one of them. Although most of the women would have preferred a bob cut but didn’t go ahead with the same because probably it looks too bland. For the beginners, an asymmetric bob cut is a great tool to correct your face shape. It is this asymmetric length of the hair that throws the seductive look and can look astonishingly sexy and appealing. Although short hair are well designed for such kinds of hairstyles but long hair have also come into the category of being designed in an asymmetric style.

Let The Options For Asymmetric Be Of Some Help Here As They Are Discussed Below As Follows:

1. Side Partition

Asymmetric shape can be good for thick hair. This is because of the short length which wouldn’t curl up so easily and stay intact for long giving you the particular shape by the end of the day. The fact that one side is considerably longer than the other can look hot and by having the tip colored with pink, you are assured of getting noticed by all.


2. Choppy Layers And Highlights

Another one for the thick haired women. With highlights and layers coming from top to bottom, the density of the hair look more intense and greater personality with it. For the ladies looking for both, this one will give you the cutting edge over most of the simple asymmetric styles available in the market.


3. Wavy Asymmetric

For the women with the issue of having long hair which do not settle properly, this one is meant for you. Let the hair be loose and let them get scrambled. From the front your hair look in a shape of a bob cut and the subtle layers of black following at the back are just too hot to handle. With this, you would also feel free from all hindrances of unsettled hair and the best thing to keep them in shape is with your hand: not tough at all.


4. Asymmetric Hair With Shaved Back

Shaved backs will give the asymmetric look more visibility as prominently only the hair that are flowing from the crown will be seen. Having blonde tips to the same can make this hairstyle look more sexy and wanted. This has been used by women with darker skin complexion such as Rihanna but this suits all sorts of skin if pulled off.


5. Mermaid Lovely

The Sea and the area around it is all about waves and thus, the wavy look comes into picture under this head. Wavy hair looks astonishing with asymmetric hairstyles and surely would always be in trend. The best part is that this look can go with most of the hair lengths therefore giving you the option to accomplish this hairstyle whenever you wish. Orange blonde would suit the same style and even lighter blonde would just do perfectly.


6. Bob With Undercut

With growing combinations in the fashion industry, bob with undercut is another one that can be combined to look great and sexy. The undercut will provide more lift to asymmetric part and will breathe life into the dull style. Another positive aspect of the same is that this haircut will not fail you when it comes to a long hectic day and will stay in place for long.


7. Asymmetric Bangs

Bold enough to pull this one and you have already done the 99% of your homework. With the help of some accessories and a little confidence to get you the pictured look, this hairstyle would be bang on target (probably that’s why the name). The bangs flow in a line somewhat like fringe sweep, which is in great demand these days, and the natural flow is all that you require from it. For women with love for punk, this hairstyle can be of great help to them and adding colors will give you the finishing touches.


8. Asymmetric Two Tone Cut

talking about combining hairstyles or its types, this one will be of great help for women looking to add 2 or more together. With the undercuts and under shaves going strong with the trend, this hairstyle is one eye catching and different to most. To complete the stunning look of this hairstyle, allow the crown to go blonde while the undercut can be left or colored with another one complementing the blonde on the crown, making it look to the point.


Asymmetric cuts are the latest trend of haircut which is being followed by most on the women these days. Try the above mentioned styles and see the difference.