8 Homemade Rose Lip Scrub For Soft Lips

Who would not want and love those beautiful and catchy rosy lips shining with a beautiful pinky gloss? Every woman loves the lips to look beautifully and adorable pink for a stunning natural look. Though most women carry lipsticks on the regular basis but the significance of beautiful and naturally pink lips has still not faded. Women love to keep it natural and flaunt the gorgeous pink lips. However, sometimes due to several reasons, the lips get dry, itchy and dark which is simply s discomforting. If you have been facing the same issue of dry, itchy or patchy lips, you certainly need a stunning and miraculous lip scrub which would repair and glorify your lips! Especially if you are a DIY believer and trust the home remedies more than the market products, here are top 8 homemade rose lip scrubs which would get prepared easily and make your lips dazzle!

Below Are The 8 Homemade Rose Lip Scrub For Soft Lips:

1. Honey Rose Scrub

Honey is such a miraculous ingredient with numerous beauty secrets. Honey is simply used in skin and hair care and n numerous beauty products due to amazing results and its redefining properties. Honey is a softening agent which would never fail to make your lips smoother, softer and adorable. Get some fresh honey and crush the rose petals. Mix these two ingredients and prepare a thick paste. Regularly apply this smoothening scrub over your lips to and get adorable lips in no time!

2. Coconut Oil Rose Scrub

You can use rose petals or rose essential oil for preparing a super scrub for your lips. Coconut oil repairs the dry and itchy skin while rose would give an irresistible ad natural blissful glow to your lips. Mix some rose petals and coconut oil and apply it regularly on your lips before going to bed. This is a complete natural and amazing remedy for making the lips rosy pink, beautiful and ever smooth!

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3. Sugar Rose Scrub

This is the most widely preferred scrub for lips which would never fail to get you amazing results. Sugar is an amazing moisturizing agent which would make your lips moisturized, smooth and beautifully glorious. You can use sugar syrup or sugar and can mix it with rose essential oil or rose petals. Apply this amazing moisture on your lips everyday and get flawless results. Along with smooth lips, you would be able to get a fresh pink glow on your lips.

4. Cocoa Butter Rose

Cocoa butter has always made the skin more glorious and beautiful and so it does with the lips. For a beautiful blush glow for your lips, use this fabulous scrub and we assure you would simply love the results. When in winters the lips get itchy and dry, you can use this amazing scrub to retain the moisture and smoothness of your lips. Mix cocoa butter and crushed rose petals and apply it over your lips for dazzling results!

5. Shea Butter Rose

Shea butter has amazing healing properties which makes it a fine ingredient to be used during winters especially. She butter is an amazing moisturizing agent which when complemented with rose, would simply give awesome results. Mix some Shea butter and rose essential oil and gently massage this awesome scrub on your lips regularly before going to bed. This cool scrub would simply make your lips softer and rosy. A perfect combination of soft and fresh sun kissed lips can be only attained with this flawless scrub.

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6. Lavender Oil Rose Scrub

Lavender oil works wonders on the skin. If you are suffering from chapped, dry and itchy lips, this is simply due to lack of nourishment. Get this amazing scrub prepared at your home and make your lips appear awesome. Mix some lavender oil and rose essential oil and apply it regularly before bed. This amazing scrub would remove the dry and itchy skin and make your lips look plumped, rosy and fresh!

7. Orange Essential Oil And Rose Scrub

If you are prone of using essential oils and love the results, here is an amazing scrub you can use for your lips and make them dazzle. Orange essential oil is filled with soothing and smoothening properties which would simply make your lips satin smooth and kissable. Mix some orange essential oil and rose essential oil and apply it on your lips regularly for adorable lips!

8. Almond Oil Honey Rose Scrub

Almond oil is the most softening and smoothening oil which would deeply nourish your lips and make it flawless. Mix some almond oil and rose essential oil and apply it on your lips while massaging. Regularly using this scrub would fight the itchy and dry skin, brighten your dark and patchy lips and would simply make your lips look super smooth and kissable!

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