8 Homemade Scrubs For Unwanted Facial Hair

Facial hair is one of the most embarrassing and quite unwanted body assets which we would quite not have a desire for! We all have some cases of those ugly little moustaches, horrible side burns, hair over the cheeks and those tiny little demons spread everywhere around the face! We would simply ask for a permanent remedy for fighting facial if we are simply provided some free genie wishes! However, you would surely get pleased to know that this problem can be eliminated using the home remedies! The home ingredients and masks are one of the most amazing ways to battle facial hair and to make the face glow with a natural shine! Within few applications, these cool scrubs made with promising ingredient would make your skin glowing and the facial hair disappeared! Try these stunning and iconic remedies and you would simply love the results!

1. Turmeric Papaya Scrub

This is the mother of all the home remedies which would get you a cool scrub while removing all the facial hair quickly. Mix some turmeric powder and papaya pulp. Apply this paste on your face and let it dry for 30 minutes. Your face would feel quite tight and dried. Remove the scrub while massaging it off and you would simply get awesome results in fewer applications. Turmeric has flawless properties which would make your facial hair disappear soon!

2. Oatmeal Honey Scrub

We all know that oatmeal is a miraculous and cool scrubbing agent which not only fight various issues but nourishes and enhances the skin beautifully. This amazing mixture is simply awesome and would get you adorable skin soon! Mix some oatmeal crush and honey adds little lemon juice for a proper consistency. Apply this mask while scrubbing and let it work for 30 minutes. Rinse after half an hour and you would simply love the outcomes! This scrub would surely fight the facial hair if used twice or thrice a week.

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3. Orange Peel, Turmeric Honey Scrub

Orange peel works as a cool anti aging and skin brightening ingredient which also makes the skin super smooth and hair free. This amazing citrus rich fruit would pump out the hair from your face and would get you bright and glorious facial skin. Mix some orange peel powder, turmeric and honey and apply this cool paste on your entire face. Let it dry and rinse while scrubbing! The perfect combination of these skin smoothening and skin enhancing ingredients would simply make your skin flawless and adorable for sure!

4. Lavender Oil And Sugar Scrub

Lavender oil is such a stunning and glorious essential oil which makes your skin ultra smooth and adorable while sugar would scrub out all the facial hair deep from their roots! Mix some lavender oil and sugar and scrub your face with this adorable mixture. For 3-4 times a day massage this moisture for 15-20 minutes and you would get rid of the facial hair soon! This is a fast action remedy which would get your skin adorable and irresistible soon!

5. Fenugreek Powder And Green Gram Flour Scrub

Straight from the jars in your kitchen, the fenugreek powder and gram flour would get some effective and promising results on your facial hair. This amazing ingredient mixture would make your facial hair disappear within some applications. This mixture would also make your skin velvety smooth and soft if you use it regularly! Scrub your amazing skin with this mixture and you would also feel your hair getting off your skin! This is one of the most high impact remedies which you must try!

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6. Egg Sugar Scrub

Eggs are one f the ingredients women rely on! Especially when it comes to facial hair, this cool ingredient would simply firth all the facial hair making your face glow and shine! Mix some egg and sugar and scrub your face with this redefining and glorious scrub. With the tiny crystal particles of sugar, your face would glow and brighten up for sure!

7. Rose Water Alum Face Scrub

Alum has amazing skin brightening and hair fighting properties which can get all the face off from your hair! If this ingredient gets harsh on your face, rose water is here to smoothen and brighten your skin! Mix some alum and rose water and apply this glorious pack o your face. This application would scrub off all the facial hair and would make it look adorable as never before!

8. Lemon Juice Honey Mix

Lemon juice is an ultimate ingredient which can get some miraculous effects on the skin! This cool and redefining ingredient has awesome effects over the skin and would get you fairer and hair free! Mix some lemon juice and honey also you can add little sugar for better impact! Try this remedy for 3 times and week and you would fall for it!

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