8 Incredible Yoga Poses For Perfect Abs

Women have been the personification of beauty since time immemorial and the highest form of physical beauty is what she needs to adhere to. Be it attaining or maintaining a perfect body; the going is always tough. It gets even tougher when the eves set out for an exercise routine to get washboard abs. Having an hourglass figure complimented with killer abs is a tough nut to crack for women. Several exercise and diet regimen are tried and tested and only a handful of them actually work comprehensively.

In this mad rush to get perfect abs, Yoga is perhaps the only holistic form of exercise that could help women in getting incredible abs. Various poses of Yoga engages the core muscle of the abdomen thereby making the regimen most effective. Yoga is also the go-to form of exercise for women who want to retain their perfect figure post pregnancy and its rigors. Practice these 8 Yoga poses for perfect abs and may not brood over how Demi Moore looks fantabulous in her fifties.

Here Are The 8 Incredible Yoga Poses For Perfect Abs:

1. Boat Pose

Boat pose is one of the best endurance enhancing poses that every woman should practice to get flat abs. Not just abs, the exercise is also the key to get well toned legs and strong spine. The very fact that in this pose your stomach is sucked in makes it most effective exercise for getting ripped abs.To perform the pose, Lie on the floor/ mat, keep your feet joined and arms beside the body. Deep breath and exhale as you raise both your arms and legs in symmetry so they form a ten degree angle. In this position the entire balance lies on your spine while a compression is felt in the stomach. Try and maintain the posture close to 10 seconds. Repeat the same thrice.

Full Boat Pose

2. Bridge Pose

The pose not only eases the spine but also stretches the abdominal muscles in the process. Bridge pose is the perfect posture for the midriff as well as spine. This pose literally elongates the spine and burns what is called stubborn fat in layman’s terms. Lie flat on the floor/ yoga mat. Lift the mid-region of your body so it is completely off the floor. In this position, the neck and body should be rested on the floor. The foot too should be gripped strongly on the floor and thighs should be in the air. As you gain flexibility, you would also be able to clasp your feet with your hands.

Bridge Pose

3. Warrior Lunge Twist

The pose also addresses the issue of shapeless obliques. Warrior lunge twist gives a cringe in the abs and also stretches the oblique muscles which can hardly be worked upon in any other pose. In this pose the hands are joined in prayer and you need to lunge forward with any of the legs keeping the knees in 90 degree angle. Keep your back straight all the way while the abs is braced tight as you move the upper body sideways. In this position, turn look up toward the ceiling over the shoulder of the side your upper body is bent to.

Warrior lunge twist

4. Bow Pose

The ultimate exercise for incredible abs, women should perform this pose much as possible. You need to lie down in prone position with your arms and legs rested. Lift your knees and try to grab the ankle with both hands in inverted position. While your hands clasp the legs, try to keep the entire body’s weight supported on the torso.

Bow Pose

5. Standing Forward Bent

The best exercise to get into the groove and for total body conditioning has to be the standing forward pose. Ideal for beginners, this is not very taxing on the body. Simply stand straight, inhale deeply and lift your hands. At a go, bend forward as much as you can. If your spine is flexible enough, try touching the floor in this pose for 10 seconds.

Standing forward bent

6. Camel Pose

The pose pretty much on the lines of boat pose and the major difference is the fact that you bend backward in camel pose to form an arch. Sitting on your knees, you need to bend backwards to the point that either your spine or torso is stretched completely.


7. Planks

Planks are the lesser known pose that has its origins in Yoga. Planks instantly engage the core muscles of your body and can be performed to maintain endurance level as well.

Plank pose

8. Warrior I, II and III

All forms of warrior poses tones the torso muscles and burns belly fat to a great extent. Warrior pose III requires some amount of mastery as far as center of gravity is concerned.

Warrior I, II and III