8 Inner Thigh Exercises For Women

While inner thighs are an integral part of a woman’s fitness regime, it is also one of the areas where losing and toning up becomes extremely difficult. Most of the women face the rubbing of thighs during walking and running. This rubbing is due to the extra fat accumulated in the inner thigh region. However, the good news is that there are some great inner thigh exercises for women which are effective and great. Thus, some of the inner thigh exercises for women are discussed below.

Below Are The 8 Inner Thigh Exercises For Women:

1. The Pile Squat Exercises

Pile squats are one of the great exercises to tone down the inner thigh in women and the best thing about it is the fact that it needs almost no great equipment to practice. Only a kettlebell or a dumbbell is all that you may need at the maximum.


2. Side Lunge Exercises

The side lunge exercise is another great regime which is helpful in working out the inner thigh regions and this one can be easily practiced using kettlebells. To practice this one you would first need to stand with both the feet together while holding the kettlebells when the arms are extended downwards. The next step is to take a large step towards the left with the left foot while your body is facing the front and then bend the left knee so that the left thigh is parallel to the ground. Repeating on the other side helps.


3. The Abductor Squeeze Exercise With Pilate Ring

Pilate exercises are another great form of exercise regime which are great to tone up the inner thigh region in women and helps strengthen the glutes as well both of which gets weakened due to prolonged seating hours. To practice this one you would need to lie on the sides with a Pilate ring and place it in between the ankles while the head is relaxed and the arms outstretched. The next step is to exhale and press the leg at the top and inhale to release the same. Repeating helps!


4. The Sumo Squat Exercise With Kettlebells

To start off with this, the wider the legs are apart the better it is and it is important to make sure that the feet are pointed 45 degrees away from the body. The next step is to hold the kettlebells at the front while the back is straight and the knees are bent and hips at the backend. The main aim here is to get the weight to the ground without actually touching the same and yet get to the stance well. Repeating helps to a great extent.


5. The Pile Jump Exercise

The pile jump exercise regime is a great form of fitness which works greatly on the butt region, the abs as well as on the legs. To do this you would need to stand while your legs are shoulder- width apart and the toes are turned outward and the arms are by your sides. The following step is to squat up till you can find your thighs parallel to the ground. The next step is to jump as high as possible where the hands are over your head and come back to the starting pose. Repeating helps a lot.


6. The Sump Squat Exercise With A Medicine Ball

This exercise regime not only works on the inner thigh region but also works on the glutes, hamstrings, abductors, triceps and many more. To practice this you would need to stand while the feel are at shoulder width and the toes are pointed outward. The next step is to hold the medicine ball at the front in a casual manner and then sit in a squat pose until the legs are almost parallel to each other and the abs are engaged fully. The next step is to stand up while exhaling and then raise the ball overhead and then come back to the starting point. Repeating the same has wondrous effect.


7. The Clam Exercise

To do this one with utter ease you would need to lie on one of your sides on the ground while your legs are together, knees at a bent state and the head, bottom, shoulders and the heels are touching the ground. The next step is to open the top leg knee towards the ceiling to a full rotational movement while the heels are connected and the same is repeated up and down for one minute. Repeat the next set where the heels are lifted to the level of the top hip.


8. The Adductor Squat Exercise With A Single Dumbbell

To do this you would need to keep the feet wider to that of the width of your hips and while keeping the back straight and the arms locked with the dumbbell at the front middle position, you need to squat and hold before release. Repeat for desired results.