8 Juices That Help You In Weight Loss

There are some natural juices that are ideal for cleansing your system and aiding in weight loss. Remember these are juices that do not contain any added sugar and are made from pure and fresh ingredients. They offer you healthy nutrition but do not add to useless calories. They are suitable for all body types and should be consumed twice a day.

Here Are The 8 Juices That Help You In Weight Loss:

1. Celery And Tomato Juice

This is a quick and easy to make juice with the nutrition from tomatoes and celeries. Basically the green celery acts as a refreshing and cleansing agent that helps in getting rid of stubborn fat from the body. Along with this, tomatoes also contain chemicals that boost you metabolism and thus help you in losing weight. For making this juice, just take 2 ripe tomatoes and 1 celery stalk. Churn it up in a blender and strain and drink.

2. Spinach And Pomegranate Juice

If you like to have a sweet touch without really making your juice unhealthy, then this is a cool option. We are all aware of the high fibre content of spinach that is really great for losing weight. Plus pomegranate on the other hand also contains seeds that are rich in antioxidants and also high on fibre. It balances the sharp taste of the spinach. Mix up the two in equal quantities and strain and drink.

3. Beet Root And Apple Juice

Take 1 green apple along with a beetroot. Mix up the two in a blender and there is not need to strain this one. Beet root and apple both contain enzymes that are known for boosting your metabolism. Further it also helps in getting rid of stubborn fat from the body.

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4. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit is one of the most popular fruits that are suggested for women because it doesn’t contain very high levels of sugar. Also, the pulpy grapefruit has high fibre levels that are ideal for losing weight and keeping you fuller for a longer time. This is a fuss free juice too. Just squeeze the juice using hand blender or even using a mixer. No need to strain this and drink up.

5. Spicy Carrot and Cayenne Pepper Juice

Cayenne peppe is one of the secret ingredients in weight loss. Carrot being rich in iron aids in producing RBC and improves oxygen flow to different body parts too. Further, it helps the muscles in absorbing fats and and converting the same to energy. On the whole, you benefit with quicker weight loss. Mix one whole carrot along with a 1 small spoon of cayenne pepper and rock salt. Drink it up everyday.

6. Red Cabbage And Sweet Lime Juice

Red cabbage too contains enzymes that helps in faster breaking of fat. Being rich in fibres they are also very beneficial for keeping you fuller. Take half a red cabbage and blend it in the oven. Then add some sweet lime juice to the same and enjoy your drink.

7. Coriander And Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is high in water, which is suited for keeping you fuller for a longer period. Coriander helps in deep cleansing your system and also gets rid of the stubborn fat. Mix 2 cucumbers along with a star of coriander and strain and drink it up.

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8. Water Melon Juice

Water melon juice is also recommended for weight loss because it is high in water content. Just squeeze the melon through a net cloth and drink it up without any additions. Have at least 2 glasses a day for best results.

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