8 Natural Cleansers You Can Use Instead Of A Face Wash

The face washes as well as the cleansers that we usually find at the supermarket racks are maybe the ones that we usually opt for right? But did you know that the commercially marketed face washes are laden with harmful emulsifiers and surfactants which destroys the protective barrier of the skin surface and in turn are extremely bad for acne prone as well as sensitive skin.

Thus, it is always a rather wise decision to take solace in natural products and ingredients and opt for natural cleansers which can be used on the skin instead of the commercial face washes which does not do any good to the skin rather detoriate it more. Apart from this benefits, natural cleaners are way too inexpensive and more logical than the commercially marketed ones even though they do not let you feel that squeaky clean look you might see after using a chemical one. Well, now coming to the point, let us check out some of the natural cleansers you can use instead of a face wash are discussed below.

Below Are The 8 Natural Cleansers You Can Use Instead Of A Face Wash:

1. Orris Root Powder

Orris root powder is great as a moisturizing agent and is extremely gentle on the skin and the fragrance associated is awesome as well. Thus it can prove to be a grand addition to your skin care regime in the long run.


2. Curd, Organic Full-fat Yogurt, Buttermilk Or Kefir

Yogurt, kefir, buttermilk and curd are maybe the most natural surfactant free alternatives that one can find to natural cleansing milk that you can lay your hands on. The lactic acid in this mix helps in keeping the acidity in the skin in check and also helps in removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin as well.


3. Mashed Veggies Or Fruits As A Natural Cleanser

If you are thinking that we are giving you off some great recipe you are indeed greatly mistaken. This is due to the fact that ingredients such as mashed avocados, mangoes or bananas, papaya pulp and cucumbers are great as skin cleansers. The fresh fruits are known to be laden with enzymes which helps remove dead skin cell from the skin surface and also helps in removing excess oil and clearing off the pores.


4. The Baking Soda

Baking soda is used in an array of ways and this is just another use of it which is great to be used as a natural cleanser for the skin in place of the commercially available face washes in the market. However it should be noted that this should be applied with care and requires one to dilute it real well with water before use.


5. Water

Well in case you think what I am talking about, let me clear this that we are indeed talking about water being the best of cleansers available in the world today as there’s nothing greater than splashing the face with water at regular intervals to see the grime and dirt wash away for good. In case the water at home is laden with limescale, iron or chlorine, try using boiled water or the filtered and mineral water alternatives and see the wonders in no time.


6. Organic Raw Honey

Honey is a great natural ingredient which works wonder on the skin due to the fact that it is a great antibacterial agent along with having the best of moisturizing and cleansing properties which is both mild and effective. To apply it you just need to leave the organic honey on your face for a few minutes and wash off to see a fairer and cleaner you!


7. Natural Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great and effective choice in case you are looking for something which can cleanse, hydrate and tone up your face well. Apart from these properties, aloe vera is a great healing agent and is anti-inflammatory in nature which has a calming effect on the skin and also helps it to glow.


8. Cleansing With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great skin cleansing agent which acts as a natural disinfectant as well as laden with antibacterial properties, which in turn helps in getting a greater skin tone and quality in its very natural, unfiltered and raw form. Thus application of the same in raw form or by diluting it in water does the trick with utter ease.


Thus, with so many natural ingredients and skin cleaners which are easily available and cheaply found, why go for the commercial expensive ones? Give way to nature and see the difference in your skin.