8 Natural Conditioners To Fix Your Split Ends

Do you get highly disappointed when you look at your hair finding out that there is no more shine and smoothness left? Soon you realize that your hair are extremely damaged and look lifeless. No worries if something like this happens as we have some amazing and miraculous solutions which are going to work wonders on your damaged hair. Due to unhealthy diet, stress, pollution, low attention towards hair care etc, the hair gets damaged and as a result, split ends are developed. These split ends are a sign of huge hair damage and unhealthy hair. It would be wonderful to know that you do not need any extremely costly and high end conditioner for repairing the split ends. The split ends can be naturally fixed by using these wonderful natural conditioners. Have a look at these natural solutions and get rid of the split ends soon!

Below Are The 8 Natural Conditioners To Fix Your Split Ends:

1. Sweet Honey Conditioning

Honey is just not yummy! It has numerous benefits and advantages that this sweet and delicious ingredient have. Honey is an extreme and deep conditioning agent which would nourish your hair and give them extra glow and strength. If you have got damaged hair and deep split ends, it’s time to open the honey jar and get all the nutrition from it. Apply honey on your hair for getting rid of the spilt ends soon.


2. Egg Nourishment

Wondering how eggs can work as the natural conditioners for hair? This is because the eggs have all the nourishment and benefits which any conditioner would provide your hair. The egg yolks are extremely powerful and beneficial. Filled with the nourishing nutrients like immense protein, calcium, iron, vitamins etc, this amazing ingredient would provide thickness and smoothness to your hair by removing the split ends. Break the eggs and apply the paste over your entire hair and leave it for 20-20 minutes. Rinse your hair with cold water and tap dry. Use this awesome conditioner once a week and get amazing results.

Plain Egg Mask

3. Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning

Coconut oils are since eras used for hair oiling. The reason behind this is the amazing nutritional values it has got. The coconut oil has the capability to repair any level of damage in the hair. Just you need to get in a habit of oiling your hair with coconut oil regularly and witness the awesome and jaw dripping results soon!

Coconut Oil

4. Avocado Paste

Avocados are naturally filled with amazing conditioning agents. Milk and avocado crush would work wonders on your hair as this paste has got all the damage repair elements which would give healthy and strong hair and make your hair split ends free.

Avocado And Yogurt Moisturizing Mask

5. Intense Mayonnaise Conditioning

Just like the eggs, mayonnaise is also an extremely nourishing and exfoliating agent. Mayonnaise simply has all the nutrients, minerals and beneficial elements which help in removing the split ends by making the hair stronger and shinier. You can apply mayonnaise on your hair and nourish your hair with essential elements. Take a break from the regular shampoos and conditioners and try this different and naturally effective conditioner to provide youthfulness and glory to your awesome tresses.


6. Milk Conditioning

Milk is an amazing smoothening and repairing ingredient. Nothing if full of the essential nutrients like milk is. This can work as an intense repair natural conditioner for your hair. Ladies wash their hair with milk to get smooth, shiny and strong hair. You can also try this natural conditioner by washing your hair with milk or by applying raw milk on your scalp and entire hair. With few applications, you will be able to witness some notable difference in your hair and would soon get those split ends fixed.


7. Olive Oil Conditioning

Olive oil is a completely amazing ingredient which is used for nourishing the skin and hair both. This essential oil has numerous benefits in which hair damage repair is the most adorable one. If you find out that your hair are extremely dull and has got split ends, it is time for natural conditioning through olive oil. Massage the amazing olive oil in your scalp and tips. Let the oil work on your hair overnight and next morning wash with mild shampoo. 2 times a week and this amazing treatment would get you soon rid of the split ends.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

8. Castor Oil For Damaged Hair

Almost all kinds of oils are generally good and stunning for the hair. They provide nourishment to the scalp and hair and revitalize the hair from the roots to the tips. Castor oil is generally used for long and strong hair, thicker eye lashes and eyebrows etc. It promotes hair growth and leads to amazingly nourished and soft hair. For using it as a natural conditioner, apply castor oil in your hair. Start from the roots and gently massage the oil on the scalp. Then continuing towards the tips, apply the hair firmly in the entire hair. You can keep it over night and the next morning rise it with a shampoo. As soon as you find out you have extremely damaged hair, try this awesome treatment for your hair.

Switch to castor oil