8 Natural Shampoos To Fight Hair Loss

If you are accustomed to using commercial shampoos it would be hard for you to believe that homemade natural shampoos are as good as the chemical laden cleansers. The natural shampoos not only help in removing the dirt and grease from the hair. Free from chemicals they are safe for your scalp and hair. They do not strip the scalp of its natural oil. Hence, you can easily control frizzy and dry hair with these homemade shampoos. Furthermore, the natural ingredients help in reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth. To fight hair loss, consider washing your hair with the following homemade natural shampoos.

Here Are The 8 Natural Shampoos To Fight Hair Loss:

1. Baking Soda

If you have shoulder length hair, mix two to three tablespoons of baking soda with six to nine tablespoons of water. Adjust the proportions of baking soda and water according to the length of your hair or how strong a cleansing solution you want. On wet hair, use the baking soda solution like your regular shampoo. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Baking Soda

2. Soap Nut Shampoo

Soap nut contains saponin, an excellent natural cleanser for the hair. Pour two cups of water in a pan and add 5 to 6 soap nuts. Reduce the heat when the water begins boiling. Simmer on low heat for 15 to 20 minutes. Pour another cup of water and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and keep it aside for a few minutes. Squeeze the soap nuts until you get the soapy solution. Use it like your regular shampoo.

Soap Nut Shampoo

3. Coconut Milk Shampoo

The coconut milk shampoo is ideal for managing the frizzy tresses. Blend ¼-cup of coconut milk with 1/3-cup of castile soap or baby shampoo. Add a teaspoon of almond or olive oil and 10 drops of essential oil of your choice. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients.

Coconut Milk Shampoo

4. Lemon And Cucumber Shampoo

The lemon and cucumber shampoo is not only an excellent cleanser for the scalp and hair. It also helps in soothing the scalp and promoting hair growth. Peel a lemon and a medium sized cucumber. Put them in a blender and blend until they become almost liquid. Massage your hair with the lemon and cucumber mixture for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse your hair.

Lemon and Cucumber Shampoo

5. Aloe Vera Shampoo

Mix ¼-cup of liquid castile soap or organic baby shampoo with equal amount of aloe vera gel. Add a teaspoon of glycerin and ¼-teaspoon of olive oil or any other vegetable oil. Blend all the ingredients. If desired, add few drops of an essential oil of your choice. Massage your scalp and hair for a few minutes with the aloe vera shampoo. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera Shampoo

6. Avocado Seed Shampoo

Grate three avocado seeds. Pour six cups of water in a pan and add the grated avocado seeds. When the water starts boiling, reduce the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. Strain the liquid. Mix three cups of the liquid with ¼-cup of organic baby shampoo or liquid castile soap. Use this like your regular shampoo.

Avocado Seed Shampoo

7. Honey Citrus Shampoo

To a cup of water, add five tablespoons of honey and mix well. Add five drops each of lemon essential oil and melaleuca essential oil. Combine all the ingredients. Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage your scalp and hair for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse your hair. This homemade shampoo helps in maintaining the natural oil balance of your scalp and helps in fighting dandruff.

Honey Citrus Shampoo

8. Chickpea Flour Shampoo

Mix two tablespoons of chickpea flour, two teaspoons of aloe vera juice and one tablespoon of ground orange peel. Add lukewarm water to the mixture and blend the ingredients well until there are no lumps and the mixture attains a shampoo-like runny consistency. If desired add 3 to 4 drops of essential oil of your choice.

Chickpea Flour Shampoo