8 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Rashes On Inner Thigh

Rashes in the inner thighs are annoying and embarrassing as it’s itchy and burning in a location where you cannot even scratch unless you are alone. Whatever might be the cause for the rashes, everyone looks for a quick heal due to the unpleasant experience the condition causes. To get fast and effective relief from rashes, you need not only depend on commercial antibiotics and mediated lotions, but try your grandmother’s natural remedies that never take a toll on your body.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Rashes On Inner Thigh:

1. Oatmeal

Crush oatmeal in a food processor to make fine powder. Add one cup of oatmeal powder to your bath and mix well. Allow it to soak for 5 minutes and wash your inner thighs with this water. Pat dry and repeat the same twice a day until you get rid of the rashes completely. You can also add Epsom salt to your oatmeal bath for better results.

2. Azadirachta Indica

Boil fresh Azadirachta Indica leaves in water for 20 minutes and strain the solution. Let the solution cool down for some time and rinse the affected skin region with the solution. Leave the solution for 10 minutes and repeat the process once again. Wash the thighs using Azadirachta Indica solution several times a day for quick healing.

3. Coriander

Take fresh coriander leaves and crush them to make a paste by adding a little water. Spread the paste on the affected skin generously and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wrap a clean cloth over the thighs so that there is no mess and the paste stays in place. Sponge down the skin with cold water and pat dry. Do this daily until the rashes vanish.

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4. Aloe Vera

Split a fresh aloe leaf and extract the clear transparent gel out of it. Discard the yellow fluid that oozes out first and take only the clear gel. Apply the gel over the rashes and reapply after 5 minutes. Allow it to dry and wash using cool water. Applying the gel thrice a day will help with fast healing of rashes. You can also mix a little green tea and lavender concoction with the gel and use it for rashes.

5. Coconut Oil

The versatile oil acts as a magic bullet for healing rashes and skin dryness. Spread a little coconut oil over the affected skin and give it a slight massage before bed. Leave it overnight and rinse using tepid water in the morning. Do this daily until your skin turns normal and healthy. You can apply the oil once in the day time.

6. Basil Leaves

Basil leaves have a component called thymol, which helps in reducing itching, pain, redness and inflammation caused by the inner thigh rash. Just blend few basil-leaves to obtain a smooth paste. Add lavender or rose water or glycerin to the paste.  Apply this mixture on the rashes and leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Repeat this remedy regularly to see good results.

7. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the prominent ingredients used in the traditional Indian medicine. It is recommended to use organic turmeric paste to heal inner thigh rashes. Mix turmeric (3 spoons) and water (1 spoon) and apply this paste on the affected area. Once the paste dries, rinse with cold water.

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8. Ice Pack

Besides reducing the inflammation on the skin, the coolness of ice pack will numb the nerve endings, which might be the cause of itchy skin. Place the ice pack on the inflamed region of the skin for 15 minutes and remove it to get relief.

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