8 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight Even After Exercising

Several exercise regimes, diet plans, Yoga sessions and sleepless workouts later, are still struggling to get that drop on weighing scale? Still wondering where it went wrong? We know that feel and the effect it has on your psychological state. But you need not worry because here we list a few reasons that can be hindering your weight loss process.

1. Early Calculation Of Results

People often tend to weigh themselves after every workout session and treat it as the output of their workout. No or less drift in scale measurements make them think that they aren’t progressing in their weight loss process. However, this is not always true. The weight loss exercises don’t show results until almost after one month. It is a process that takes time, not a magical trick that will happen in a blink. Stay calm and give it time. Go easy on yourself and you will find good results at appropriate time.

2. Muscle Gain

Muscle gain can be another reason that you aren’t getting desired results on weighing scale. It is a common problem for beginners. The lose fat is toned up into muscles before being reduced to fit body. You shouldn’t just rely on weighing scale. You can measure your progress by using measuring tape to gauge circumference of your waist and record your journey to fitness.

3. Sedentary Lifestyle

Hitting the gym once a day and spending rest of the time in sedentary mode may be your reason for weight loss plateau. It’s like kick starting a scooter and then not applying acceleration. You won’t reach anywhere. Move a bit. Be mobile. Even if your workplace doesn’t allow much movement, just stand up and walk to the corner of the room and back to your desk, once every hour.

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4. Wrong Exercises

Every individual has unique weight loss requirements. A general routine doesn’t necessarily work for all. Some exercises that worked for your friend might not work for you. Consult a certified trainer and plan your workout.

5. Lack Of Protein

Proteins are a good source to boost metabolism without having drastic effects in calorie intake. Protein consumption also ensures metabolic slowdown, preventing body to regain weight quickly. Hence, lack of protein might be the reason you aren’t loosing weight. Keep a check on your diet chart and make sure to mark protein intake on priority.

6. Same Workout Regime

An activity performed regularly makes us habitual to it. Similarly, our body gets used to a workout and stops reacting to it if continued for a long time. A wise workout plan includes change in exercises and their frequency so that body gets to face variations.

7. Overeating

Workouts are tiresome. There are no two thoughts about that. But are you trying to reduce the fatigue by stuffing yourself with food? The food you eat might be balancing out the weight you lost . No, exercise doesn’t mean starve yourself. In fact a weight loss workout should be accompanied by wise food choice that supports your motive of reducing fat and also provide you with sufficient energy for rigorous workout sessions.

8. Lack Of Sleep

Yes, you read it correct. Sleep is the resting time for body and mind. If body doesn’t get proper rest, it might act up inversely to the desired result. Sleep removes fatigue (which is another reason people binge eat) and hence aids in weight loss.

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