8 Shag Layered Haircut For Women

You may be thinking what kind of a hairstyle you should have according to your texture. You do not need to think anymore these shaggy layered hairstyle is the one that will make you the most beautiful and admired lady in a gathering. If you are having fine hair then the layers will make your hair look voluminous and give a bouncy look to your hair. Again if you have thick hair this style will give you the ability to control your hair and add style at the same time. Let us see some of the styles of shag layered haircut that you can choose from.

 Here Are 8 Shag Layered Haircut For Women

1.Appearance Contouring Shag

The layers in this style of haircut are short at the front but not so short at the back.The short layers at the front give depth to your face and make it appear wider. The layers cover the eyebrow and the forehead of yours also. So, if you have a big forehead then this style will help you out with that. The process is too simple. You just need to moist your hair with a styling cream and dry it using a brush. You then need to make your hair smooth with a flat iron. You are done. So, how are you looking in this style?

2. Long Shag

This style, on the contrary has long layers.It will help you have movement and texture to your hair but to have it you do not have to forego too much of volume from your hair. This style is best suited if you do not have so much of volume or texture in your hair. You may have any face shape; this style can be an option to make yourself more beautiful.

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3. Down Layered

This style of haircut gives you a light look though you have voluminous hair.The layers are from the bottom to the top. This layering haircut helps to lose weight not only from the surface but also ends of your hair. If this style is had with a fringe then it is best suited for a face that is wide in shape but if it is had without a fringe then it suits all face structure.

4. Modern Shag style

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will help you to have a fashionable asymmetric look, and then this is the style that you should follow.The layers are much shorter in the front than at the back. Moreover, some layers are cut in a disconnected manner to give an asymmetric look. This style will best suit you if you have a longer face and hair that has medium texture and density.

5. Chaotic Beauty

This style of hair is the outcome of many disconnected layers all through the end.It helps to add texture, volume and bounce to your hair. You can be having any face shape but this style will look good for you. It also helps to add style to your hair whose density is high and texture medium to coarse.

6. Wonders of Feathers

This hairstyle will make your hair feel light as a feather.The style is simple to have and is recommended for women whose hair is fine and medium in texture. You just have to blow your dry hair with a paddle brush downwards and smooth the hair lightly with an iron. While doing so you just have to separate your hair using your fingers.

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7. Lights of Lavender

Do you have a round, oval or a square face then this style is best suitable for you.Even if you have a hair that is medium or thick you can have this style to make yourself more beautiful. While having this style you must make certain that your hair is dry and you style the ends of the hair also so that they lay straight. You need to finish the style using a hairspray for holding the hair lightly.

8. Crop Idol

Do you have thick hair and your face shape is square, round or diamond, then you must choose this shag layered hair style.The hair style will help you to bring elegance and beauty to your hair; as a result, you will be more beautiful than you think you can be. You must finish the style with a hair spray that can medium hold your hair. So, try this style and make yourself noticeable.

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