8 Shocking Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Overweight ruins your glamour. It has its own set of health issues. Because of this, many prefer to lose weight. But one should note here that it is not an easy task to shed excess weight. Many people tend to follow strict diet schedules, participate in various physical exercises and do yoga to get rid of this condition. Apart from sedentary lifestyles, there are many shocking reasons that result in over weight. This article discloses about some such shocking and surprising reasons that act as a hindrance in reaching your weight loss plan.

Here Are The 8 Shocking Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight:

1. Inadequate Sleep

Inadequate sleep leads to overweight. Good and qualitative sleep can be a sign of overall health of a body. Therefore, it is best to follow strict timings for going to bed. It is advisable to sleep while the disturbances go on because inadequate sleep leads to overweight. Hormones in the body get easily disturbed with insufficient sleep. Hence, there are also higher chances to overeat with insufficient sleeping.

Inadequate Sleep

2. Physical Inactiveness

Being conscious about weight loss foods alone does not help to shed excess weight. Exercise or physical activity plays a crucial role in making you fit and healthy. Hence prefer to exercise regularly. It is advisable to perform some aerobic exercises for three times a week for twenty minutes. Walking is also very beneficial for burning extra calories from your body. If you do not have time for doing exercises, then try to incorporate it in your busy life schedule in the form of riding the bike, climbing the stairs, parking your vehicles at distance and reaching your destinations through walking. Surely you will notice the results.

Physical Inactiveness

3. Skipping Meals

Sometimes, most of us skip meals. The reasons such as being busy or some other reason lets us to stay with empty stomach. But when we skip a meal, we prefer to intake more amounts of foods. This process leads to overweight. That is why skipping a meal is not a good idea to lose weight. Many people prefer to skip breakfast. Healthy breakfast is very essential and boosts your energy. It also makes you feel full until your lunch time.

Skipping Meals

4. Strain

Are you following strict diet on daily basis with proper physical exercises and not yet losing weight? If your answer is yes, then definitely strain must be the reason for your overweight. Chronic stress produce hormones called cortisol. This hormone causes overweight. Similarly depression is other psychological disorder which causes weight gain. Persons who are depressed stay in an inactive mood and thus prefer to eat more and therefore gain overweight. Also you should be aware of hormonal imbalance for not gaining excess weight.


5. Low Water Intake

Not taking adequate amount of water is one of the main reasons which act as a hindrance for your weight loss goal. Intake of adequate amounts of water is very beneficial to lead a healthy life. Eight glasses of water must be in taken per day. Keeping our body hydrated is very helpful for driving out toxins from body and regular bowel movements etc. Therefore, water can be considered as a natural remedy to lose weight.

Low water Intake

6. Calories Rich Diet

Do you prefer to consume sugar drinks of high calorie on daily basis? Then, you are at high risk of overweight. Most of the people are addicted to these sugar drinks. But remember that these artificially sweetened drinks contribute for overweight. Therefore, always track your calories intake.

Calories rich diet

7. Junk Food

Are you addicted to junk food? Then, give it up immediately to enjoy a healthy life. Junk foods cause obesity. Your strict physical exercises, yoga do not serve any purpose if you prefer junk food. These foods actually affect brain centers which regulate and control hunger, body fatness and appetite. Consequently, it leads to strong psychological desire to eat more. Thus, you are most likely to get affected by overweight.

Junk food

8. Lacking Mindful Eating

Many watch their favorite programs while having food. Due to this, they tend to eat more food. Whenever you consume a meal, you are required to pay attention towards it. Doing this, you can enjoy the food without distraction. Enjoy the food thoroughly. Enjoy the colors, textures and flavors of your food. When you follow this technique you can really stop eating whenever you satisfied.

Lacking Mindful Eating

By keeping these reasons in mind, you can be very careful while choosing the methods that help to reach your weight loss goal. You need not get panic if you are not losing weight. Just with few modifications to your lifestyle, you are assured with a healthy and normal weight. We wish you all the best.