8 Simple And Easy Exercises To Reduce Thigh Weight

Slim thighs are definitely in and thus you might be fretting as to how to reduce the weight from the thigh region which is not ready to budge that easily! Whilst it is not something that is unachievable and dream- alike, you can very well get the perfect results with a lot of hard work and exercise over a period of time.

Some Of The Simple And Easy Exercises To Lose Thigh Weight Are Discussed Below:

1. Try The Squats To Achieve The Look

Squats are indeed a killer body exercise which not only help you to lose the weight in the thigh region but also helps working out the gluteus, hamstrings, hips and the quadriceps too! To start of with this, you would need to stand with your feet apart and then try to lower your body so as you are about to sit on a chair till the thighs are parallel to the floor. Repeat for 15 reps to achieve greater results.

Try the squats to achieve the look

2. Butterfly Stretch Exercise

This one is the foremost exercise which you need to practice before opting for any other thigh exercise that you intend to follow as this one helps to relax the thigh muscles and wards off any muscle tear issue as well. To practice this, you would need to sit on the floor with your back straightened and bend the knee so that you can keep the soles close together close to your body. It’s better to keep the thighs parallel to the floor and half for 10 seconds. The next step is to flap the knees upward and downward.

Butterfly stretch exercise

3. Lunges For A Leaner Thigh

Lunges are and can be the most effective exercise routine for you in case you are hell bent on reducing the weight in your thigh region. However difficult and tedious, the lunges help you reduce the fat in the thighs and also help working on the other areas such as on the gluteus muscles, hamstrings and the quadriceps too. You need to start with your right leg in front of the left one and while the knees are in line with the toes pointed forward. Keeping the belly tucked in towards the spine and your chin taken in, you would need to squeeze your butt portion and tighten the thigh in the process while the arms are by the sides all tight and the palm facing outward. The next step is to lower both the knees and go into a lunge position while bending the forearm so that the palms are facing towards the shoulders. Now, you would need to get back to the original pose and do at least 30 reps to get desired results.

Lunges for a leaner thigh

4. Butt Lift Exercise

While this exercise is characteristically great to tone the butts, it has greater usage for the thighs too. Try lying on your back and get your legs into a pose which you take for sit ups. The next step is to keep your hands at the back of your head and try to lift the butt off the ground. While you are trying, make sure that the shoulders or your back aren’t leaving the ground too. Holding the butt in the air while the thighs are squeezed and in same pose for about 5 seconds and getting back to the original pose helps!

Butt lift exercise

5. Use The Staircase More Often

Not really an exercise regime but way better than that, there is nothing greater for your thighs other than trying out going up and down the staircase meticulously throughout in a day to tone and lose thigh weight in no time.

Use the staircase more often

6. Thigh Blasters

Thigh blasters as the name suggests are a great way to tone up the thigh region as well as in losing the weight accumulated in there. Used as a warm-up exercise, this simple one can be practiced by standing next to a counter top or a chair for balance, which is about waist length and then placing a cushion or a soft ball in between a thigh. The next step is to balance one palm on the counter top and another at the hips while you try to lift your heels off the ground and try to bend the knees and lower the body a bit. Doing 30 reps help!

Thigh blasters

7. Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are any day great for losing weight from the entire body but it works more effectively for the thighs when you do lunges and squats with it too!

Cardio exercises

8. Other Exercises

Some of the other exercises which are simple and great to lose weight in the thigh region include the likes of brisk walking, cycling, running along with the ones mentioned below.

Other exercises