8 Simple And Most Popular Mud Masks For Beautiful Skin

Face masks are unquestionably one of the best ways to pamper yourself while in a spa. For a woman, her face is of utmost importance she would definitely keep it the best and attractive. Therefore with the increasing needs, mud masks have evolved to be of favour to them as mud has a lot of benefits. Mud gets dry in a few minutes and this has the tendency to go deep, thereby removing oil from deep within the pores and moreover, mud also proves to be vital in moisturising the skin by removing the blemishes. Moreover, mud is considered as a rich material for different minerals, which we do not receive on our skin usually. Providing the face with such minerals would not only make you beautiful, it would also give it a longer effect than the other cosmetic products. The best part about these face masks are that they can be made easily at home as well, cutting the costs of visiting a beauty parlour or going for a spa for the same or buying costly products. Let us look at some of the way by which certain mud masks can be made for different but effective results.

Here Are The 8 Simple And Most Popular Mud Masks For Beautiful Skin:

1. Earth’s Mud Mask

Combining 2 teaspoons of Earth’s mud, 1 tablespoon of rose water, 1 teaspoon of honey and a pinch of rose water oil would give you the needed mixture. The mixture offers benefits against oily skin and the honey effectively works against bacteria, freshening your face to the fullest.

Earth’s mud mask

2. Green Clay Mud Mask

Even though all the leading face washes/masks claim to remove 99% of oil from your skin, it doesn’t get easier than this. Looking exclusively something to work against acne, then adding 1.5 tablespoon of clay with 2 mashed cucumber pieces with Earth’s mud mask (as mentioned above) is the one. The clay sticks deep inside the pores with mud, and extracts all the oil away from the skin.

Green Clay mud mask

3. Anti Ageing Mud Mask

Not to worry, there are mud masks that can act against anti ageing spots on your skin. Making a paste of Red Clay (1 tablespoon), rose water (3 tablespoons), oatmeal (2 tablespoons) and mashed banana (1 tablespoon) with drops of Neroli essential oil and Rose essential oil would provide you with the face pack. The mud mask would also be very effective against wrinkles as this tightens your skins.

Anti ageing mud mask

4. Mud Marks For Dry Skin

Dry skin is another issue which many woman face. Need not worry, 1 tablespoon of glycerine, white clay and honey can provide you with a mixture which if applied can increase TLC on your skin and help moisturize it. Furthermore, this possibly is the quickest way to make a mud face for your face.

Mud marks for dry skin

5. Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

Another recipe to get fairer and smoother skin is to mix a teaspoon of Aztec Clay, honey and water with .5 teaspoon of Chameli flowers essential oil and lavender essential oil, just enough to get you the fragrance. If you use this mixture over a period of time, be assured of a smoother skin.

Deep cleansing mud mask

6. Mud Masks For Combination Skin

Where a woman has both oily and dry skin, it is called combination skin. 1 tablespoons of Fuller’s mud and 2 tablespoons of Aloe vera gel are the ingredients for the same. Mix them well until it becomes semi liquid and apply it on your face. This not only removes dry skin and helps against oily texture; the dark spots under the eyes are also affected positively.

Mud masks for Combination skin

7. Dead Sea Mud Face Pack

Deep sea mud mask is nothing but usage of sea mud instead of fuller’s mud. Since deep sea is very good in minerals. Adding dead sea mud with some honey, green tea and a pinch of frankincense together would give you the dead sea mud face pack. The rich in minerals dead sea mud is great in revitalizing your facial skin and further helps in toning your skin.

Deadsea mud face pack

8. Complete Skin Toning Mud Masks

If you are looking for complete skin toning then this is the perfect mix for you and your skin. 1 teaspoon of Fuller’s mud, some tomato and aloe vera juice, an egg, honey and some rose water are the ingredients to get a thick paste. Instead of cleaning your face with water, try using milk. White spots on your face would be negligible after using this mixture. Washing it with milk further softens your skin and moisturizes it as well.

Complete skin toning mud masks

The above mentioned face packs are totally beneficial.Try these packs twice or thrice in a week. Always apply these face packs before going to bed for the best effect and see the difference.